Sunday, October 13, 2013

Of the Sunny Sunday Aftermath~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes Undergroundfortea, it did turn out to be a very fun and exhausting day.  But as they say many hands make light work.

The brunch food was mostly for everyone who didn't have a chance for breakfast and were going to skip a late lunch,  as a matter of fact, everyone had indulged so much on the bagels, donuts and fruit that lunch was un-necessary.

But in a matter of a few hours the weeds and brambles were cleared out and dumped into the dumpster and its full, full, full!  It's a good thing we were able to close the lid, well the boys helped by jumping up an down on it, we put a tarp over everything and that way it avoided getting brambles in their clothes and it packed down nicely.

Hidden under all of that we found a dozen head stones for various pets, and it seems that my Great Aunt had a very low stone boundary wall marking the area, standing about 18 inches high, but it couldn't be seen very well, and with some dirt removed we've found a couple of steps that led to the area,  so we now have a clearly defined area, and my brother and Doyle are thinking of going in the next few weeks to Urban Ore or another salvage place to find old style metal fencing and re-making the area, the boys are now into it as well, but from their point of view as a goulish delight.  Oh well, whatever it takes.

It's a good thing my brother knows something about concret work and such since he handled a lot of the remodeling on his house, he's hoping to use that as a way of absolution towards Coralline and it will be a good thing for the boys to learn.

Once the hard work was done we all retired into the greenhouse where it was warm to relax and talk, the children enjoying the Koi, everyone else enjoying a beer or wine and what was left of the food,  then bit by bit my friends had to leave, I did give them standing invitations to come to my Halloween party.

Then Monica shoved the boys into the down stairs shower to get cleaned up, with their Father monitoring them and us "girls" upstairs getting cleaned up,  the idea of dinner seemed too much for everyone so we decided to see if there was going to be food at the Haunted House instead.  If not then we'd find a late night burger place like "In n' Out" for dinner.

I know Darklings, how mundane!  But do you know how hard it is to find a late night fast food place around here, that is not a night club?  

When I was much younger locations of such places were spread by word of mouth for the "Nighthawks" those who 'fly by night', some locations were pretty dicey, and finding an all night grocery store or drug store was even rarer,  very hard for those who live the vampire lifestyle, oh in San Francisco there were places but on the East Bay side much harder.

Now there are places that are almost 24/7  but you still need a directory for some services.  I have a friend who has a skin condition which forces her to practically be a vampire, she has to take vitamin D because she has to avoid the sun as much as possible.  The very early morning hours and at twilight she's fine, but full sun is a problem.   When she had a doctor or dental appointment she had to wear special clothing to shield her, now she has a dentist who has evening hours, can have her pills delivered by mail, she can go as early as possible for blood tests, but scheduling a doctor's appointment sometimes can be hard, but if she can be the last paticent of the day it works. 

Now there are many stores open late or 24/7 and she can find evening entertainment.  She works part-time at night and is also on disablity because her condition limits her to the types of jobs and work she can do.  Sometimes a government agency tries to kick her off their rolls but she has a lawyer and two doctors plus photos that show how horribly she can burn.  But for the last 5 years they've stopped trying to do that, it seems that other people have shown up with that condition. 

One would not think so, given how flawless her complexion is but I've seen her have accidents.

The Pirates of Emerson Haunted Houses were soooo much FUN!  and so very crowded but the boys were in their element and Coralline and her parents were enjoying themselves,  Doyle, Sis and I had a hard time keeping up, so we made arrangements to meet periodically.  I cannot tell you what we saw only to say that if you are in Pleasanton, Calif.  go and see, checkout their web site for hours and days and cost.

I can only say it was like a 6 ring circus.   Everyone came home exhausted, and slept like rocks,  the boys (aka the three stoogies) slept in their sleeping bags on padded mats on the floor of the maids room while their Dad slept in the twin size bed (his perogative), Coralline and her Mom shared Coralline's double bed, and we all slept the sleep of the just,  and we had breakfast out, Sis and I were not going to cook for that young ravenous crew.  But everyone had a wonderful time.

And we saw them off and came home to sleep some more.  It's a good thing we put stew in the crock pot, such a handy item. 

I woke up from my nap to find Doyle had left the house, but left a message that he'd be back soon, and he did with Creme de Violete and Bulldog gin, plus lemons, saying he was going to make all of us "Aviator' cocktails---time for a dash of the 1920's said he.   I think I'll have to get into my silk lounge pajama's after dinner to sip this.   I'll give you my opinion of it in another post.

Later Darklings

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  1. Well, of course you need silk pajamas to sip that divine concoction! I need more silk pajamas- I only have a forest green gown. Haunted house sounds like a blast; we haven't been in years.I certainlt think you should post a picture of the pet cemetery, once the fancy fence is installed :)