Friday, October 25, 2013

Of a little post update~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well it's the weekend before Halloween, last chance to get what you'll need to keep the little trick or treaters happy.

I'm glad Doyle has a few days off, right now all he's doing is background checks, it is tedious but he offered to do that so he can have a few days off over the weekend and it free's up another operative to take a strenous case. 

Dear Trisha, what Monica told me is that it is a card but you can detach something from it and display it, my sister in law said that when "Coralline" saw it she said it was perfect and she included a little note as well.  Yes she is a thoughtful, quickly growing up young lady,  we're very proud of her.  And then she becomes a child again enjoying child like things, it helps keep us young.

And speaking of child like things, we're going to have her over for the weekend and her friend Marissa will be joining us for a weekend sleep over.  Marissa's parents are going out of two for a couple of days and since I'll be home for the entire weekend and Coralline coming over it will be perfect. 

We'll be going to a local Haunted House, it is a school fund raiser so fun and being helpful and I've found a few other Halloween events for the girls to do this weekend as well so it won't be boring for them, I promised them I'd drive them in my vintage car and they can sit in the back and wave like the Queen. 

Oh Doyle just told me he'll drive the car and all three of us can wave like the Queen. 

And now I need to go,  I still have a few things to do before the afternoon. 

Later Darklings 

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