Saturday, October 26, 2013

Of an Exhuasting Halloween weekend and~~~~

And Dear Darklings it is NOT over!!!

Taking a break while Doyle goes and gets hamburgers and dare I say it, french fries, from a favorit hamburger place the girls like, I'm not going to name names but it is NOT MacDonalds'.  Sorry Mac.

The weekend started last night with a Bang!   Well our Brother dropped off Coralline just as Marrisa's folks were droping her off and it was joyous girlish squeals of delight, the face Doyle made was precious, he said something to me to the effect of how young pre-teen and early teen girls squeals of delight could put down an Alien invasion or cause Zombie's heads to burst.   I had not thought of that.

Once the girls were settled the first adventure was to a Haunted House Fund Raiser done by a local school, and I have to say it was done very well, with games, pumpkins walks (both girls won a pumpkin), face painting, bingo prizes and of course the Haunted House.  The girls went through it 3 times, each time with either me, then Sis and then Doyle.  The fund raiser offered Pizza, cookies, coffee and soft drinks, donuts (thank you I needed that) to help quell any hunger pangs.  The girls got their faces painted, and they had their costumes, Marissa was dressed as Alice in Wonderland and Coralline was dressed as Queen of the Spiders with a Spider tiara.  

Then after we drove through various areas where we knew there would be wonderful displays for Halloween, there is one family that goes all out with their decorating and create new sets every year, one year it was a pirate ship wreak, another year a volacano with godzilla, a mad scientists lab, a western ghost town, a macabre circus,  this year its twisted Fairy tales, complete with a bug catcher that zapps unsuspecting little fairies.  Their ideas are phenomenal.

After all that driving around we headed towards our favorite ice cream parlour and we had ice cream.  I was worried that either one or the other would wake up with a nightmare or stomach ache but this morning they were as fit as a fiddle, and so it was a morning dash to the Spirit Store and then to another Haunted House done by the local Park and recreation department, and they did a marvelous job,  now we are home and Doyle has just returned with our "cheap dinner" and then we are going to a local church that is having its musical concert for Halloween called "Pipe Screams",  musical pieces played on their wonderful church organ, I told the girls if they went to the concert they could stay up late tonight.

Tomorrow we're then going out for breakfast and then onto a Harvest Festival with all kinds of goodies to offer.  Come Monday I'm going to sleep in I will need my rest.   But it has been very interesting so far.

My gardener came by just a short while ago to say he cannot mow the lawn with all the halloween decorations, I told him to not worry about that it will be down in two weeks, and to just do pruning.   He's very understanding and now Darklings I must go or my fries will get cold, I think I'm blowing my diet this weekend.

Later Darklings
Good Gardening Help can be hard to find.

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