Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of Oh my aching feet and CANDY!!!~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Right now I'm resting with my feet up as I type this and I think Doyle has gone insane, but let me explain.

Sis insisted that we get up early and go to this new Target store that's opened up, it's much closer than the other one, and since we needed to go to a few other shops in the area we planned on it.

Well Darklings, the layout of all Target stores are pretty much the same, like the layout of "In n' Out Burgers" for those of you who live in California, but there was some layout differences, for instance the minute you go into the store the ladies are immediately hit with the latest Target fashions and----are you ready for this Darklings?  BLING!!!

I am not much into cheap costume jewerly but when it looks nice and stylish and has wearablity for the long haul, then look out I will dive in like a tiger leaping upon unwary prey, and there were pieces any Gothic Dark minded person would love to have, it seems that deep emerald green is the "go to" color paired with gold settings (not real gold, gold colored) and I found a few things that will go with some of my vintage clothing.  

And the clothing was very nice looking, stylish and inexpensive,  but I will not desert my favorite vintage stores or my tailor/seamstress, I'm speaking if you are on a tight budget and have fast growing children. 

We looked around the store to see what was offered, and to get familar with the lay of the land so to speak, toys, toys, toys in the back area and well Darklings I could not help it---the latest Monster High Dolls, two of them, I quickly called (via cell phone) my sister-in-law and asked to check Coralline's list, did she have Polterguesta and a particular version of Clawdeen Wolf?  The answer was No so I told her Guess what Coralline is going to find in her speical trick or treat bag.   And yes I relented I did also get something for the boys for Halloween.

We found the Candy, and it was good bargains, granted both CVS, Walgreens, and the grocery stores carry the same bags and the prices were easily comparable, but Target had the BIG mixes as well and I do get a lot of children, so to put it bluntly, we loaded up.  But then I saw IT, we just walked past the candy area and I said lets see what they have for outdoor decoration,  FORGET OUTDOOR, I was floored by INDOOR, yes Darklings I went crazy!

There were these bowls held up by claws perfect for mints or M & M's or nuts, and then large white bowls held up by skelton hands, and this was not cheap plastic this was substantial and re-useable, then the salad bowl tongs in either gold or silver in the shape of talons very solid, glass wear, and a large ceramic dispenser (much like the glass ones for ice tea or lemonaid) but there were labeled Toxic Brew and another that said Poison---need I say more Darklings?   And a candy bowl with bat's that talk and flap their wings.  Sis and I talked about the expense of these items but I told her that considering our (or at least my) outlook on things these items could be used year round.   She began to laugh when she took into consideration some of the outdoor bar-b-Que's we'd been having.   

Sis teased me and said that the large white bowls would be perfect for popcorn when Coralline stays over and her friend Marrisa comes over for a "fright night" movie watching.  We smiled and said "Why Not!"

It's a good thing we brought a lot of re-usable bags, we looked at other things in the store and I found my favorite mascara by Almay, I was out.  I wanted to check the other cosmetics but Sis tugged at me and said we needed to leave and go to the other stores that we had errands at before School lets out and the maddening hord swamps the mall. 

But I do confess Darklings, just behind the Halloween decorations there they were---CHRISTMAS!!  Just waiting to come to the fore front.   Oh Dear thought I, already?

And yes, a dash to the post office to mail bills, I said forget buying anything there so we went to the nearby UPS store for a few things, and much needed milk, bread and stamps at the grocery store. 

When we got home I was surprised to see on the front lawn area among the styrofoam tombstones a huge Grim Reaper, I thought that it was going to be towards the back of the walk way but Doyle moved it to the front and set up a fog devise behind it we had just come home to see him demonstrate how it would look, he attached to the fog machine a short hose that led to an ice chest that had the hose runing through it and out under the Grim Reaper's cloak, there was dry ice in the ice chest packed around the hose, and with turning on the fog machine the fog passed through the hose through the ice chest and creeped out under the Reaper's cloak and hugged the ground like ground fog in a cemetery,  I thought that Doyle had gone insane with bringing the Reaper forward but there was a method to the insanity and the effect was wonderful and frightening at the same time, some parents with their little ones came by and the shierk of their voices convinced me that it was perfect.  Even the adults were a bit frightened.

I looked at old Grim and wondered if it was possible to set up a permanet duplicate of him in the back garden, complete with fog and such, possibly in the Pet Cemetery,  I sort of muttered it out loud and my sister heard it and said to me "If it could be made to move as well it would certainly freak out any would be criminals"   I LIKE that idea.

And now with everything put away, our feet aching, Doyle has kindly announced that he will go and get take out chinese for dinner tonight, I certainly did not want to argue.

'Trisha when I called my sister-in-law she said that something went into the mail today for you, "Coralline" wanted to send something to you for the lovely card, I think its a card but Monica said that it had to go in a padded envelope.  Coralline hopes you will receive it by Halloween.

And now Darklings I'm going to take some Tylenol for me aching toes and put on Chanel's "Vamp" nail polish, I feel in a Vamping mood.

Later Darklings

I can hardly wait for my favorite holiday!

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  1. Coralline is sending something to me? Awww! Such a thoughtful young lady she is, Rose.