Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of family and cars~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well Doyle has looked over the car and has test driven it, he's put a deposit on it to hold it after explaining to the sales person why we needed to come back today (Me of course),  so we are going in a few minutes to look and test drive the car.

My therapist won't be here until the later afternoon, so the timing is perfect.  If it's comfortable for me that will be perfect,  there is also a pre-owned certified Jetta that he also looked at so we will compare the two.

Ella will wait at home to greet Louise in case we've not returned by noon.

I had a wonderful visit with Coralline and her family, the boys played and explored the garden but were carefully watched by their father (they can get into mischief).  I was so glad that the bruises had gone done and didn't look as bad, but Coralline was upset by what had happened.  I assured her that every day I was getting better and stronger, but that for an elderly person it takes longer.

Easter Coralline's family is going to visit her Mother's relations for Easter dinner and this time their Grandma is NOT cooking.   Coralline is hoping that she can visit on the weekends during the Summer break and I assured her that would be possible.  So we made plans,  her Mother was just appalled by the idiot who hit me, his thinking he can fight this.   We know its just arrogance.   My brother is just glad I'm alive, men view things differently than women, some can deal with illness and some have a hard time, my brother is the latter.

Marie left early this morning to see her clients and already I've been getting phone calls from work about some of the progress of some of the projects, and they've e-mailed me information on it---nothing like working from home, but there are limitations.   I think I'm getting restless and want to go back to work, but not until the doctor says so.

And now I must go Doyle is ready so car shopping it is.

Later Darklings

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