Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Of Gardens and Cars and Orchids~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

The car has turned out to be just wonderful!

I can easily get in and out and there is plenty of room in the back for Coralline and Miranda should we need to go somewhere.  The trunk space is just right as well.

I found myself getting a bit tired but fortunately Doyle brought the wheelchair for just in case.

Today we'll go back and finalize the deal, but we are traveling in  Louise's car so she can drive me home and Doyle can drive the new car. 

Doyle, and rightly so, is concerned that I am not up to par to drive yet as I still have to take medication.  

My bruises are fading away finally but with some it will take longer,  I can go up and down the stairs at least once a day now, but if I want to take a nap I'll still be using the spare room on the ground floor.  I'll be seeing the Doctor again tomorrow, he is concerned about my weakness although it could be a complication from having that horrible virus.   But the therapist insists that I do walking at least around the house and garden to keep the muscles in tone and to slowly build up strength.

The weather here has turned cloudy and they are predicting rain for the Easter weekend, personally I hope it holds off, but Doyle says we will take our drive.

I'm hoping the Doctor will allow me to at least go to my work one day next week just so I can see how things are progressing,  I still will not be able to go back to work full time for a while, but some of my staff are concerned with a few things.

Several of my friends came by yesterday late afternoon with orchids for the hot house, the cybideiums as they are more hardy than the Catalaya's.  And although the Hot house is not completely ready they will do well in there as it currently stands.   They placed them around the indoor pond giving it a strange Gothic exotic look to it, as a matter of fact it has given me idea's for that area.  And they chose cybideiums that have a deep purple colors to them,one is almost a deep brown.  

My regular gardener who trims the trees, has been removing the invasive weeds and mows the lawn was just in awe of their exotic beauty, we talked about their care and he is very familiar with them as he has cared for the same type with his other customers, but he asked if it would be alright for his wife to assist as this was going to be more work and I said it would be fine.

My accountant and I have been going over the finances for the trust for the house and grounds as well as my income, but I insisted that my sister sit in as sometimes my head gets a little fuzzy, but the bottom line is that the income for the care of the house and grounds is more than enough to cover everything.  Which relieves my mind.   It is my intention to bring the house and grounds back up to it's glory but with a few interesting twists to it.

I know that if anything happens to me it will go to my sister who feels the same way as I do about it.

Strangely last night Marie and I started reminesing about family and events, and with so many years to look back on things and considering how our own life experiences have molded our outlooks, we were able to view a number of things without the extreme pain that we use to feel.   And also how they formed us.

I'll talke about this more later, my Darklings.  Right now Ella has my lunch prepared and the Therapist will be coming early so we can take care of the car deal later.


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