Sunday, March 24, 2013

Of New Old-Cars~~~

Hello My Darklings,

With Doyle out of town I found myself missing his company, but he called this morning saying that his assignment is done and will be flying in late tonight and for me to not wait up.

It was good hearing his voice and he said he was being a bit of a "buzzy bee".

While he was gone he's been having a friend of his who is very car knowledgeable looking for a car for me.

His friend is zeroing in on a certified pre-owned Honda Acura TL 2006 year (I hope I have this info right).

Tomorrow Doyle is going with his friend to look this car over and get "the Car Facts" on it.   But the reason why its being sold is the owner is moving out of town, going over seas to Hong Kong and it is too costly to ship it over.

I trust Doyle's instincts on this car and said if he feels good about it so will I.   And It will be very, Very reasonably priced.  I didn't even care what color it is, just to have a vechile to drive without putting my vintage car in jeopardy is important to me.

So it is possible by Easter I will have a "nearly new" car.   But we shall see.

Now my sister is encouraging me to have lunch, grilled chicken salad with cranberries and a touch of soft blue cheese, and this delcious Ken's Cider Vinagrette.   And Coralline will be here with her folks, I'll be so happy to see her.

Later Darklings.


  1. You can get some great deals on cars when people are relocating. Most people sell up and they're usually willing to sell for lower than most because they don't have the luxury of waiting for a good offer. I hope it's a good one!

  2. I hope so too Kellie. Doyle just left a few minutes ago with his friend to look it over, so I'm leaving it all in his very capable hands. I had a wonderful day yesterday with Coralline and her family, it felt good to see them. Once Doyle informs me about the car I'll post more on it. Take care, my Dear.