Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Of further Updates and dealing with Lawyers~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Thank you Carrie and Kellie for your warm concern and your good wishes,  I will do my best to be patient and take my time, even my Doctor said healing cannot be hurried.

I saw my Doctor yesterday afternoon, Louise took me to my appointment, she and Ella are very caring people.  I feel very safe in their care.

The Doctor said I am healing but slowly, he is concerned about the spasms that I have in my back muscles, but the heat therapy seems to be working, and I'll have to use a muscle relaxant for a short while,  the cuts and bruises are slowly healing, but the worse of them make take a couple of months, he is photographing my progress for my Lawyer.

It seems I will not be able to go back to work for at least 8 weeks minimum and I will still need treatment, possibly massage and heat therapy afterwards, he's looking into several things.  There is no bone damage which is good.  And he has seen some progress in my range of motion with the exercises, not a lot but more than before.

I'm seeing my Lawyer this afternoon, I did have a chance to talk to him on the phone yesterday, he said that the other driver's Lawyer is trying to delay things, and looking at the progress of my case it may be several months before we go to trial,  but he said that is good because with everything it will help build my case even better, he's finding witnesses who saw the accident and the photo's clearly show the other driver is in the wrong.

My Doctor is a little concern because I'm starting to cough, he was concern about my heart or that I'm coming down with a cold, but so far it appears to be allergies, so I'm on medication for that as well.  Just when I want to enjoy the dark beauty of my garden this happens.  My caregivers and Marie and Doyle are going to monitor this new development.   My Doctor thinks that with the shock of the accident my system went down, as he calls it.

Oh Darklings, you should see the beautiful plantings my friends did, lovely deep dark reddish purple pansy's, outlined with these white flowers that I've seen I think it's called "carpet of snow",  and my Iris's bulbs that were planted last year are coming up, dark colors I know and some unusual ones as well.  Whitish Daffodil's as contrast.  One of my friends have planted several rose bushes the color's are a deep purple red, and several that are a purple red with white center, I never had a chance to get the names, but the pictures of them are so beautiful.

They also started work in the Greenhouse to make it into a garden to enjoy during the cold months, my Koi are already established in their pond in there and the outside pond has the free mosquito fish from the water company, with a little feeding they should get a bit bigger,  my friends also put in the inexpensive gold fish in there for color, what they call "feeder fish"  if any of them disappear I can always get more.

The cat that use to sleep under my front porch has a permanent home now, it seems to have adopted a neighbor who is taking good care of the little thing, it looks much healthier.

I am able to move around the house a little better, but I still need help to bathe and dress, but Ella thinks that in 4 or 5 weeks I should be far more independent, between her, Louise, My sister and Doyle they make sure I do my exercises and walking, it's not good to sit or lie down for too long, too much of a chance to develop clots in the legs and they are right.

I am sad about the loss of my car, but Doyle and my Lawyer said that we can make the cost of a replacement car part of the settlement,  we shall see, I just do not have an idea what would be a good replacement, all these new cars have so many whistles and bells, so something reliable and stylish and easy to drive and get in and out of.   Some of these cars you feel like you are being stuck in a sardine can.

I am so glad I didn't drive my vintage car that night.   If that had been damaged I would have cheerfully strangled the other driver in spite of my injuries.  Just a simple run to the grocery store, who would have thought such a calamitous event would have happened.

I did have fun getting my Mani-Pedi---Marie was right, a bright color was and is perfect, I have "geranium" by Essie on my fingers and toes,  the ladies at the shop were so kind to me, even brought me tea, and told me to relax and enjoy everything.   And Louise's suggestion about going to a gym that has a very warm jacuzzi tub to help my muscles has been working,  we are going right after we see my Lawyer today. 

I must be getting better I was able to type much longer than before, but now I must go.  My therapist is here and she will not tolerate a delay.  ***sigh***  I hate the idea of surrendering myself to other's care, but there are times when it is for the best.

I will post more later.

And Thank you for all your warm concerns.

Later Darklings

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