Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Medical set-backs and progress~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well I had a nasty medical set back, and it was very rough.  The cough that I was developing turned into fever and chills.  My temp went to 102.

Now usually if it's the flu or a cold the doctor's say "Bed rest, fluids, aspirin"   and I did have my flu shot a few months ago.   But whatever this was was affecting my breathing as well.  And since my ribs and other parts of my body were seriously bruised, my doctor didn't want to take any chances so to the hospital I was admitted.

This did throw all the scheduling off, but both Ella and Louise were willing to stand by, they even came to the hospital to make sure I would eat and take my meds.  Ella in the morning and Louise in the afternoon, this took pressure off of my sister and Doyle and they could stay in touch with them as well if any changes happened.

It took nearly 5 days for the fever to break, and my appetite was gone, anything that even looked like food I could not stomach, so to prevent de-hydration I had an IV to make sure that would not happen.  I slept, coughed, dry heaved, moaned, sweated----I was not at my glamorous.  And I lost over 8 pounds, not a good way to lose weight. 

The fever broke on Saturday, and I looked at Louise saying "I wish I could have some won-ton soup", well she snuck some in but said for me to only have the broth, I felt like a baby bird, happy for it.  Sunday we tried a little walking I was weak, but the Doctor was happy, by Tuesday he said I could go home today. 

And although I'm weak I've made a little progress.  I cannot eat much but I can stomach things now provided it's light, even a poached egg is a wonderful banquet for me.

My bruising is healing nicely and so are the cuts although there is one on my face that might require a little cosmetic surgery to prevent scar tissue.

My Lawyer has been in touch with Doyle and it looks like it will be at least 4 months to have a hearing, the stupid man refuses to settle out of court insisting he's in the right when everything including his lawyer knows that this other driver is going to lose. 

I've been feeling very un-glamorous because of this but Doyle knows the way to encourage my heart.   He found a number of Dita Von Teese interviews on You Tube, I just saw one now where she says "How boring is the world going to be if we have to make everything Politically Correct."  And she is so right my Darklings.

You can be Politically Incorrect provided that you do it with grace and elegance, and not be crass.

And now I must lie down  Louise says I'm pushing it and she's right. 

Before I forget I found a photo of one of the roses that will be soon blooming in my garden----enjoy!
Later Darklings

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  1. If he doesn't settle out of court, then he'll probably be much worse off after going. That seems to be the way it works. Silly of him, really. I'm sorry you've been so sick. Feel better!