Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Updates and slow progress~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am going to have a treat today,  Marie is taking me to the manicurist so I can have a mani-pedi, she is having one too.

Marie is insisting that even though I feel bad, I should do little things to encourage and uplift me, and she is right.  It is still painful for me to walk any great distance, so I'll have to use the wheelchair and wear one of my caftans.

My sister wants me to enjoy the sun a little and to not feel cabin fever,  later this afternoon some of my friends are coming over who are gardening enthusiasts to put annual plantings in the ground as well as some perennials.  I gave them cash told them what I was interested in and should on the diagram where I'd like to have them, if they paid for more things I'll reimburse them. 

And there is a very nice sunny spot in the garden where I can sit and enjoy it, and they are bringing over pot luck as well, so it will be a "planting party", very impromptu, but it does uplift my spirits.

Marie and Doyle helped me get ready although I'm able to do a little more for myself, the exercises do work, but I need my pain medication at night so I can sleep,  I'm trying to take a little less of it each day so I can be more alert and also better gauge my improvement.

Marie thinks I'm rushing it and Doyle agrees, I'm not going to argue with them if they want to fuss over me, if it makes them feel better, but I don't want to impose on them either. 

Poor Belladonna its so hard on her she wants to be close to her "Mommy" but if she jumps on my left side its painful,  so I have to arrange myself so she is on my right side.  And she senses that there are changes in her "schedule" the little thing likes routine and she can't understand why Mommy isn't taking her for the evening walk, even though she likes Miranda.

Doyle is bringing the car around while I type this and he told me that my favorite movie will be on "Svengoolie" tonight---if I can stay awake.   It's "Dracula's Daughter" with Gloria Holden.  Although I have it on DVD, I am going to enjoy Sven's silly but sometimes informative comments.  So this Day is looking to be a very good one.

I'm seeing the Doctor on Monday and we'll see how things are progressing,  and my Lawyer on Tuesday, he is also working with the insurance companies on my behalf, since technically with the pain medication I may not be in a "clear mind" to make important decisions, seems that already the Lawyer for the other driver is trying to make a deal,  much too soon says my Lawyer, so we shall see.

My sister is here, time to go, she says I should wear a brighter color for my mani-pedi,  decisions, decisions.

Later Darklings.


  1. Those all sound like wonderfully healing things - being pampered at a mani pedi, spending time outdoors in the sun and gardening.. I think it will be very good for you!!

  2. I'm glad you're starting to improve, even if it's not as quickly as you'd like. And you should definitely let them fuss over you.