Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Of owe, ouch, owe and pain~~~~

Dear Darklings,

For three days (today being the third) I've have a therapist coming to work with me especially on range of motion in my left shoulder and arm.  The concern is that the dislocation might limit my range.

Oh the pain!  I find myself in tears, and this morning I took a good look at myself in the Mirror.  I nearly broke down at what I saw, my caregiver Ella and even Louise said that I'm depressed, because of the trauma and the pain, and perhaps the pain medication.

The therapist is concern that if I do not get back my full range of motion then doing something like pinning my long hair I may not ever be able to do that, I may be facing cutting my hair,  it's so long it's well past my derriere.

That thought just depresses me.  But the therapist has re-assured me that it's early days yet and I'm still healing,  but even Doyle and my sister think I should consider cutting my hair just to make it easy on me.  It is a handful to wash.

Louise said to not rush into it, something can be worked out,  right now she is making arrangements to take me to a gym that has a warm water jacuzzi, she thinks that the heat might be therapeutic and the Doctor said it would be good. 

But I just can't stand the idea of anyone seeing me so battered, bruised and ugly looking----who ever said "Vanity thy name is woman" is right---but I am vain for a reason, of course I'm getting old and my body is heir to what age brings---but there is getting old and there is getting ugly. 

Marie says I'm being impatient about getting well, and she's right.   I want to be well and beautiful NOW!

Well the good thing is the schedule for me Ella arrives just as my sister is leaving, so they have a chance to talk while I'm having my coffee, then Ella makes a simple breakfast for me that's easy to chew and is filling.
Then she helps me bathe and get dressed, I can only wear a simple caftan right now and wearing makeup is impossible, then a few exercises to keep my circulation going and to loosen up my joints.

The therapists arrives and works on me while Ella takes care of the dishes, both Ella and Louise know what exercises I'm suppose to do,  come lunch time Louise arrives and takes over and Ella tells her what a baby I've been in the morning.  

Louise helps me move around the house again so I'm not stiff, sees if I have any appointments, we just came back from the dentist to make sure my teeth were not damaged, let's me rest and have a cup of tea.  Then I'll either nap or go on the computer, for an hour then more exercises.  Louise has to prepare a special dinner for me again because it's painful for me to chew, and checks on my appointments for the week. 

I'm going to have to go, Louise said there is a place that would be happy to allow me to use their hot baths, and I don't need a membership can just pay by the use.  I asked if we could pick up some won-ton soup when we go home and she said yes, but she'll have to mash the large pieces.  Oh well, at least it's won-ton.

Later Darklings

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