Sunday, March 3, 2013

Of Being in an auto accident~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I haven't posted much but I was in an auto accident,  some idiot fool, ignored a red light and, to use the common term "T-Boned" me on my driver side.

The fool was drunk, he didn't have a scratch, but I was in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder, cuts, major bruising and a throbbing head ache and back ache,  the good thing is that my back and neck or any other part of my body wasn't broken.

The bad part is the muscle damage and strain put on my back and neck, and my shoulder.   My insurance company totaled my car.  And it looks like we're going to have to go to court,  what makes it worse is this man has an excellent high paying job and is financially well off.

And yet he insists the accident was my fault,  thank goodness for traffic camera's and Doyle's former associates doing the investigation, because everything  clearly points to the other driver at being at fault and his lawyer is saying don't go to court settle it out of court.   I am listening to what my Doctor's are saying I have to face in further treatments and what my lawyer is saying. 

This person is going to be financially hurting when I'm done.  And it seems he received a DUI the month before.  It is a miracle no one was killed---especially me.

Fortunately I have good car, health insurance, I have an excellent income from both my job for sick leave and personal financial investments.

The good thing is my house keeping service will take care of the house and will do some extra cleaning for me (of course for an extra fee) and I have a caregiver who will come in the mornings to help me bathe and dress and will make a breakfast for me, and I'll be starting therapy next week.

My sister and Doyle have hired someone else come in the afternoons to be with me and take me to my appointments, any shopping, laundry and prepare dinner and if they are out of town be with me at night.  It will only be for a short while, but I hate feeling helpless.

I can type because it's minimal movement, but unfortunately Coralline cannot come and visit me, my neighbor's daughter Miranda will take Belladonna for an evening walk for her exercise.  And she can call Coralline and keep her updated on me, as sometimes my medications for pain make me very fuzzy.

I will be so glad to put this behind me, and just when the weather is starting to look beautiful and everything is starting to bloom.   Some of my friends will take care of the plantings and with a little effort I won't be so limited or confined.

This after noon Louise will come in and we can talk about what will her "assignments" be.   I like her, she was highly recommended to us by her previous charges, she is both friendly and professional, and she can gauge about my physical limitations and needs,  I don't want to be pampered or spoiled, but I do need help at this time until I get my mobility back,  Doyle is letting me have his car and has purchased a light weight wheel chair to help me move around the house,  we've set up a bedroom in what use to be the maid's ground floor room, until I can start climbing stairs again.  I can go up and down a few stairs to get to the car.

I'm hoping to be able to be far more mobile by the end of this month.   But I just hate being like this.

Doyle is suggesting that I might want to consider retiring from my job, I told him that the accident and the job are un-related.   I really hate being inactive, but on the job decision I'll put that off to another day, I'll just take one day at a time to heal.

So Darklings, if you don't see me posting for a while, its because I'm healing.

St. Patricks Day is coming, and all you Elder Goth darklings should wear your very dark green to celebrate.

Later Darklings, now I must rest.


  1. Bloody drunk drivers! I hope your lawyer crucifies him in court!

    Feel better soon.

  2. Thank you Kellie. Things are moving fast on the legal side. My lawyer says "He's going to be nailed to the wall."

    I'll keep you posted.

  3. So sorry to hear you were in an accident! Aging is challenging enough.. it takes longer to heal than it did when we were teenagers! Be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time you need to mend!

  4. Thank you Carrie,
    I will try, even tho its been nearly two weeks since the accident, and it seems like everything aches on me, in just the last few days I seem to be moving a little better.

    I think being paticent is not my strong suit at this moment in time, but I'll try.

  5. That is quite terrible. Though it’s good that you’re doing well, despite the injuries it has caused you. It was a good thing that you were able to make use of the CCTV footages as proof for what had happened. Anyway, I hope you have recovered completely from this ordeal. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Take care!

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