Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of post Holiday musings~~~

Hello Darklings,

Just a short post.   Todd is up in the attic/attic area with Doyle, looking at the roof construction right now, his fascination with my house is very interesting.  I did tell him that if he spotted something up there that needed to be taken care of to let me know.   With all the rain we've been having roof leaks are important to investigate.

I do not have Coralline today, which surprisingly leaves me feeling a bit flat, I had not realized how much I enjoy her infectious joy of discovery.  But all is not lost, she and Miranda and Miranda's folks and Coralline's folks (including the Three Stooges ---that is the girls reference to Coralline's energetic brothers) are out on the town so to speak to some event and will be gone all day until late.

Todd decided to not go since it was more for "the kids", so he and Doyle are looking at things around the house, we've invited him to stay for the day.   He's seen the Pet Cemetery and the garage in the back and much of the garden and grounds, he is just amazed as to how so much land could be set aside and have been held onto without succumbing to pressure to be developed.   Well not so unusual my Great Aunt was very wealthy and invested her funds carefully, but wisely set up a trust to cover the care of the place.

He said we should look into historical status for the place since it was designed by some famous architect and considering it's age and everything have valuable design status.   But I told him that I want to keep it in the family.  He said that both could be done provided that we think about doing tours at least once a year, much like that reproduction of the Munsters House in Texas, the family there opens the house to tours during October for the Halloween season, donating the funds to children's charities.

I liked that idea and will toy with it. Halloween is so much fun.  But I think I'll contact that family in Texas to see what they had to do and what is involved.

My sister still has the sniffles and cough, but she is slowly getting better and hopes to be back in some kind of form after New Year's Day.

Doyle and I have our plans for New Year's Eve, but New Year's Day will be one for just relaxing. 

One very interesting thing has developed---both Miranda's and Coralline's folks have taken a liking for each other despite the distance in locations, and they are hoping to plan to do some events together as a huge family,  Coralline's parents have realized that being too focused on sports, sports, sports has skewed their outlook and neglected a more balance life style, but they do know that there are somethings that only Coralline will like so she will still spend some time with us.  So I'm feeling a very healthy development in that direction.

The house is just a little too quiet right now, I miss the girls.  But right now Belladonna is demanding her second walk of the morning and I think with the rain having ceased for now I will take advantage of the dry weather.

Later Darklings

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