Friday, December 28, 2012

Of family and friends a Christmas review~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well Christmas has come and gone, and the dinner went very, very well.

My brother and his family came along with his Mother-in-law she of the uneatable Thanksgiving meal.  The update on her is new medication as well as seeing a therapist about her behavior and strick observation of her,  also her finances are now being handled by her daughter, she was never broke fortunately, but never applied her funds to where it needed to be applied.

The rains prevented the boys from playing outside, but the board and card games kept them amused, and each time they wanted to go upstairs planning mischief,  "Kitty Kat" would roar, the hard part was having Kitty Kat roar when they were on different stair treads but my sister's electronics friend figured that out.

Where my sister found that old Lion head I'll never know but it was rigged with a speaker, so I said let's leave Kitty Kat mounted in the Hall, definitely a point of conversation.

Coralline's and Miranda's mothers were in awe of the decorations of the home, Coralline's mother said she could understand why her daughter wanted to spend so much time here, even she felt that she wanted to stay. 

Miranda's older brother Todd was a wonderful addition, he helped supervise the boys and made sure they stayed out of trouble, he said he missed having younger brothers but after dealing with those three he said he's glad to have had only a sister.

I took them all on a tour of the house although it was too wet to go outside but Coralline and Miranda had fun telling the boys about the Pet Cemetery. 

The food was perfect, all that hard work paid off.  And all our guests relaxed wonderfully.

Todd will be home for another week or so and asked if he could come and drop by sometime of course he's welcomed but I did advise him to call first to see if we were at home.  It seems he's studying architecture, so the house fascinates him.

Coralline and Miranda exchanged their gifts, both of them were delighted with them.   That evening after everyone had left and Coralline was about to go to bed my sister and I presented our gifts to her, and she bounced with joy stating that this was the best Christmas ever.  

I smiled at that thought.

Later I noticed my sister was drooping a bit and she seemed under the weather,  later that evening when Doyle and I were relaxing my sister developed a full fledged cold.  Of course it upsetted her plans to visit her children, and she had me call and cancel some of her appointments and reschedule them for her as she complained that she couldn't think clearly.  

Even now she is still in bed but I took her to the Doctor this morning for medicine for her cough, I was afraid of it becoming worse.  Hot soups and tea as well as Ginger ale is the best things for her now so she can get well.

Yesterday Todd came to visit the house and with Miranda and Coralline giving him the extensive tour including the Pet Cemetery and talking to me about the repairs and improvements he made copious notes and took a lot of photo's,  I think the house will be part of his thesis.

And now with my sister resting and Doyle at his office I am taking the girls to the store to replenish the pantry and we will go in my vintage car as a treat. 

I've come across a few Goth web sites that I will comment about later.

Later Darklings

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