Sunday, December 9, 2012

666 Park Avenue~~~The End???

Oh Darklings,

My heart is broken, 666 Park Avenue, a guilty pleasure of mine, has been cancelled, it seems that it could not come up enough in the ratings to have it continue beyond the initial 13 episode commitment.

And with so many stories and plot lines, and Terry O’Quinn’s character guiding the events like an evil “Daddy Warbucks” (which was the costume character that he was portraying in the Halloween episode) or perhaps a wicked diabolical New York version of “Dallas’s” J.R Ewing. (Although how could anyone top Larry Hageman’s wonderfully villainous portrayal)

I suspect on the fan fiction site there will be people writing their own tie-ins to this series, and it may develop a cult following, perhaps it will be picked up by a cable network, I hope so.

I love how rich, fabulous and evil the place is, The Drake is as much an actor as the people living in it.

But I fear that we will have many story lines dangling. And I just HATE that.

You suspect that the Donovan’s are evil but are they really evil or manipulators are they trying to control what is in the Drake, Olivia’s character loves her daughter, Garvin loves his wife, Jane and Nona’s are children of the Drake, and there are souls trapped in the Drake, as shown by the Starlings birds. You’d think that Garvin is the devil but he is able to enter a church, but a sign on the door of one of the tenants prevents him from entering.

And each of the characters are victims of their own weaknesses and hidden desires. And Victor Shaw was he just as evil or looking for revenge, yet he wanted to take over the Drake, so is the entire plot line about power and controlling the hidden “kundalini energy” that the Drake possesses as signified by the dragon symbol?

Oh questions, questions and more questions. Will we get even hints of what might happen by the 13th episode?

We shall see Darklings, we shall see.


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