Thursday, December 27, 2012

Of the Night After Christmas~~~

Dear Darklings,   A poem for you~~~

It was the night after Christmas

And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not
Even Belladonna our doggie
Little mouse.

Coralline was nestled
All snug in her Bed,
As memories of the Christmas joy
Danced in her wee little head.

The fancy dishes and silverware
Were washed and waiting
To be put way with care
And our breaths abating.

With Doyle in his bathrobe
And I in my wrap,
We were relaxing and
Planning our next hi-jinks flap.

When all of sudden there were
Sudden sneezes,
We rose from our chairs to see
Who had the wheezes,

Away to the stair way we flew
Like a flash,
Stopped at the bottom
And realized someone’s plans were dashed.

When what to our concerning eyes did appear
But my sister Marie in her sloppy sleeping gear.
With her eyes all teary and nose all red,
She really needed to be in her own warm bed.

She had her flu shot
That wasn’t the matter,
But a cold did develop
And it made her all the madder

With a sigh and a sniff,
She told us her tiff.
Now she couldn’t see her children
Or take them their gifts.

Recommending Bed and
A liquid Hot Toddy
I said “Sister dear,
Don’t feel quite so shoddy”

With a late night phone call
And tons of reassurances,
We made plans for another time
To make our appearances.

With a pat and a murmur of love and concern
We sent Marie upstairs to sleep and learn
That resting will greatly improve her health,
But she needs to take better care of herself

With her nose all draining
And dripping and wet,
And blowing into Kleenex
After Kleenex and yet,
She said to me wickedly
As she walked out of sight
“Don’t catch this sweet sister,
Or you will look a fright.”

And knowing a sister’s curse
As well as I do,
I’ve had all my shots
So it won’t be the flu.

Later Darklings

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