Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Live Theater, Children's Charities and an update~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I've been having a very busy week, this evening Coralline and I had a chance to see "A Christmas Carol",  we were both moved when Scrooge gained the Christmas spirit, after being visited by the Spirits.

All the way home Coralline could not stop talking about the play.  The way she talked about it reminded me of when I saw my first opera and my first Shakespeare play, the opera was "I Pagliacci"  and the play was "King Lear", the power of live theater is so immediate and if done right so affecting upon the senses and the soul.

I let her talk and talk, listening to hear her thoughts on what she had seen.

When we got home I settled her down with a cup of hot coco, it was especially chilly this evening.

She finally fell asleep, with the promise that we will be going to the Children's tea and tour Dunsmuir House tomorrow.

It's interesting to see how through her eyes re-discovering the joys of being a young person.   I wish all young children had this opportunity.  It makes me sad that so many do not. 

That is why I will be looking into charities that help young children to make donations to, such as "St. Jude Hospital", "Make A Wish", "Salvation Army", and several food kitchens that feed the needy.   Doyle reminded me of our local Animal Shelter as well.

I have many other postings to put up all saved on my flash drive, which I will post tomorrow.  

Later Darklings

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