Saturday, December 22, 2012

Of Christopher Lee and Christmas Songs~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Coralline is sleeping late as she was up late last night, but I know she will be up soon.  She wants to plunge into the middle of the last bit of Christmas insanity, not to buy anything but to see what is around.

I have to confess, seeing the store shelves depleted and tossed, things scatter and broken is not exactly my idea of Christmas but I think it's more the excitement of it for her.

Doyle is relaxing with his cup of coffee and my sister had to go out to see a client, something that could not wait after the holidays. 

The other evening Doyle came across something on You Tube----Christopher Lee, my favorite actor of horror/terror films, signing Christmas tunes in Heavy Metal style, I was amused and said "What a brave man willing to have fun".

Then a thought came across my mind----Christopher Lee singing "Your a Strange one Mr. Grinch", like Therogood Ravenscroft, he could do it, and with his diction and British pronouncing it would be perfect.

I certainly would buy a copy of that CD.  

Now must go Coralline is tugging on my sleeve.   I am amused by her enthusiasm.

Later Darklings

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