Thursday, December 20, 2012

Of the Brothers Grimm~~~

Dear Darklings,

Do you know that today is the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales??

I find that so wonderfully delicious, to read such violent fairy tales on such a cold, cold night.

How they came about in putting together their collection I will leave for more informative websites, needless to say all you have to do is Google in the Brother's Grimm.

We are having Coralline early for the Christmas Holidays, she called me from her cell phone during her lunch time at school to tell me about the anniversary and so I promised we would read some of those tales later tonight. 

We need to do some grocery shopping.

And speaking of shopping, once again I went through some stores to see about anything interesting and right now I see tons and tons of perfume collections for all those young men who haven't a clue what to get for their girl friend or friends  (evil wink).

I do admit I did buy some of them to try out and I love the little bottles they come in too.

On nail polish my discoveries were a bit flat, although I did love Sally Hansen's "Wedding Glitters", a soft gold that's a cross between a shimmer and a glitter, perfect for the Holiday parties, I bought 3 bottles, one for Coralline and one for Miranda and of course one for myself---I think that is why I love the holidays,  I can be selfish on shopping.

Another Polish that I came across is "Constant Caribbean" but as a shimmer instead of a polish, this is by Covergirl, there was something so Summery romantic about it and wonderfully dark blue perfect for a Goth to wear.  Cover Girl also did "Grapevine" as a deep royal purple shimmer---I had to buy them both.   Doyle said he's going to have to put up another shelf or two.

And speaking of shelves~~~~sometimes one comes across the most interesting things that people put on the curb side---now I'm not talking about couches or mattresses (I wouldn't touch that with a 39 and half foot pole) but odd things.

Last night Doyle and I had to run a quick errand and as we were coming home I spotted something, and told Doyle to stop and turn back, we did and I got out, sitting on the curb was a double shelf as if it had been removed from the top of a side board, or knick-knack shelf,  it was terribly scared and what finish there was was badly stained, it still was solid no cracks or breaks, and placed next to the recycling bin.

One does not pass up an opportunity like this so into the trunk it went and it arrived into the garage which is also Doyle's workshop, assessing it he pronounced good, no rot or bugs, and will proceed to strip it and paint it to match the decor in my Dressing Room (aka "The inner Sanctum Sanatorium).  I love finds like that.

And one other thing that I will surprise Doyle with and maybe my sister too~~~Vodka.

Yes Darklings, Vodka,  ahhh but what kind of Vodka you ask.

It's called Crystal Vodka and it comes in a clear bottle in the shape of a skull along with a very large martini glass with a skull on the handle  (and yes I bought one for myself).   I thought was a perfect Gothic gift to give for Christmas---I know my sister will love it as she thinks the way I do and she likes dirty martini's.

Doyle will laugh at it, as a matter of fact he pointed it out to me and remarked upon it.  I think it will be fun to surprise them with it.  It seems that this brand of Vodka won a medal in 2011 for its range, but I will have to check out a web site for it.

Must go Darklings, my lunch hour is over and Coralline will be here is a short while.

Later Darklings.

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