Friday, December 21, 2012

Of the End of the World, Thoughts and Writing~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well here we are December 21, 2012 or 12-21-12  The Winter Solstice, or when people were proclaiming the end of the world on this date because the dates on a Mayan Calendar ran out.

How foolish!!!  And people hand wringing and saying "we're going to die".

As a matter of fact one of my co-workers didn't show up today, she was claiming to be ill, I said to her on the phone she better bring in a Doctor's visit slip or she'll be docked a day's pay since she'd used up all her vacation time.

She is an Ultra Religious person, I'm not even going to dignify it with the word Christian.  But she is one of those that said we better be prepared.  I replied to her in front of staff that even in the Bible it says that we will not know the time of our end, so she better cease that remark.

To wit one wag remarked "That's O.K. the Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen the day after".  And I responded "Then shoot for the head since everything else is dead".  

But I have to say that the staff looks exhausted because of the Holidays, shopping etc.  I'm glad that I put in for the week of Christmas off, but I may have to come in here and there for a few hours just in case.  One staffer just put in for the day before and the day after Christmas and will work the rest of the week just to ease the crush. 

If it wasn't for the fact that we are in a 24/7 world, I'd say everyone should have the week of Christmas off.
But the office looks festive, with Hanuka, Kwanzaa and Christmas decorations and a few New Year's ones.  We have one pagan who put up a Winter Solstice tree (rosemary trimmed like a tree).   And we have one Scrooge who doesn't believe in anything.  Our witty wag put a sign over that person's area that said "Bah, Humbug!"  and no decorations.

Our Scrooge got up set about the holiday decorations so I took him into my office and informed him that he is only one person who doesn't believe where as we have other staffers who believe some sort of wonderful renewal of the heart during this darkest of times, I told him that sometimes Faith is all a person has and if you take away Faith then you destroy a person's soul,  I said his area will not be decorated but the others can decorate reflecting their belief and renewal, we even have a person working of the Muslim faith and we work with that persons beliefs especially during Ramadan because I always worry about extreme fasting.

I said are we to not respect that as well?  I continued saying that you cannot plunge a world into darkness, how you believe and how you bring up your children and how you celebrate or not celebrate is your choice, but do not take it away from others just as they will not take your disbelief from you.

I asked him about his enjoyment of the "Star Trek" series and Movies and he said that he enjoyed it, and liked the concept of science and logic.  I reminded him of Spock saying that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and if he felt that the science and logic of Star Trek to be correct then he needed to also respect that statement.  If he couldn't then he might want to update his resume and look for a work place that believed the same way he did.

He noticed that I was wearing my Vulcan IDIC pin, it was given as a gift to me some time ago and I have a habit of wearing it around this time of year.  He acknowledged my logic and said he would not pursue the matter further and acknowledge the diversity of people and their beliefs.  I said good because I did not like to lose a good employee over something like diversity.

My niece Coralline said I should present him with the Android docker since I'm his Secret Santa, she didn't know that I had purchased that already. 

After having taken now my late break and posted this, I am looking forward towards relaxing for a week or so,  I've taken Coralline and Miranda to see the Nutcracker Ballet and last weekend I sprung for tickets to take them back to the Dickens Faire again which Connie was very grateful for. 

But now I've been presented with an interesting thought, some of you have suggested that I print out my musings and see if they are worth being published into a book form.  It is interesting but I have to say that my thoughts and progress as an Elder/Elderly Goth is not complete yet as I am still going through this world.  But maybe someday.

Later Darklings

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