Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Of Merry Christmas~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am taking  short break from the Christmas preparations.

My sister Marie yesterday made Grandma's fabulous Turkey stuffing, which some people claim is like a pate, frankly it's wonderful but time consuming.

Coralline went home with her parents earlier yesterday for their home Christmas celebrations, and my sister, Doyle and I went to Midnight Mass to celebrate our religious Faith and Foundation of and for Christmas.  The Midnight Mass never fails to move me and the Catholic Church we went to was packed to standing room only.

And now for today the pies are baked, the jello is done, the dishes that need baking are ready with labels to show the temperature and time to cook, all based around the timing of the Turkey;  the table is set and we know what will be put into what serving dish.

The house sparkles, and smells of Cinnamon, Vanilla and wonderful things that maybe baking, the fireplaces are set and ready to burn, but if we find that it's a spare the air day we do have candles standing by. 

Our guests won't arrive until after 2, the Turkey is slow baking and I'm so glad that we have a very large refrigerator and the spare in the pantry,  two ovens, 6 burners and a large microwave to handle the load.   Just love that kitchen.

Dinner will be about 5 p.m.  Coralline will be coming with her parents and brothers, Miranda and her parents and her brother visiting from college will be here as well as our guests, Doyle invited a retired friend to spend Christmas with us as his family is back east. And I am glad I have a long drive way to hold the cars.

I have cards and board games and domino's all ready, the policy is no television, but I did advise my sister-in-law to bring a change of clothing for her boys, because I know if it's not raining they will go out into the back and play and get muddy. 

No gifts to exchange except Coralline will give something to Miranda and Connie told me that Miranda has something for Coralline, so a special exchange.  My sister and I have Corallines special presents to her safely hidden in my sister's closet, we'll give that to her later tonight after her parents leave.

So to all of you all around the world,  yes I know Dear Darklings, my blog is being read all over the globe,
I wish you and yours a Very Merry and Happy Christmas, a Happy Holidays greeting and a wonderful New Year.

Later Darklings

P.S. Coralline suggested I wear the Kardashian Kolor called "Keeping Up with Santa" and it has held up very well,  it's possible that the other color was a bad batch.  And I really like this shade of red.

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