Sunday, December 9, 2012

Of Nail Polish and Costume Jewelry ~~~~

Well Darklings,

I spent my lunch breaks this last week cruising through our local drug and department stores, checking out the various nail polishes available for the holiday season.

Color Therapy has 3 types of gift packages with various nail polishes, some with nail kits and other with lip stick and blushes, a perfect gift idea for those who love make up, but one has to be careful with those friends who have cosmetic allergies.

I’ve been checking out the Holiday Kardashian nail collection and although some of the colors are nice like “Deck the Dolls” the glitter polish does not hold up as well and chips easily, even when I use a clear top coat. I would say its fine for one evening but unless you’re willing to do touch ups, not longer than two days.

Revlon, L’Oreal and other nail companies are coming out with lots of gift packages for the season, perfect if you have friends who are into doing nails as you do. Revlon is experimenting with coming out with a duo set called “Expressions” on side is a small full bottle of polish and the side with a nail polish pen of a complementary color, but if you buy several sets you can have fun experimenting.

In Real Simple magazine I was taken by the intensity of a deep rich plum lipstick combination; the model’s lips were outlined and filled in with a deep berry lip pencil topped with a similarly toned lip gloss--- they used Nars Train bleu velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Christian Dior Ultra Gloss Black-Tie Plum, perfect for the Winter Holidays or to sultry beckoned a lover to his doom.

I’ve found that although the lesser expensive nail polishes by Revlon, L’Oreal, Milani, Remmiel, Sally Hansen are fun, but if I want real quality I go to Estee Lauder, Channel, or Dior, although I do prefer Estee Lauder.

It’s the same thing with Jewelry; I have several real good pieces in gold with flawless jewels but its fun to have fun costume jewelry.

Real Simple magazine also showed some out there wonderful in-your-face jewelry, from,, and

But what really caught my eye was a glass stone cuff in gold plate from Kate Spade, deadly, edgy, totally saying I’m the “wicked queen in this room” type attitude; this is one piece of costume jewelry that should be worn by itself as it makes its own statement.

Cocktail rings are a big item statement and I saw a wonderful Swarovski crystal ring that was wicked,

Getting back to nail polish I had to decide on a nail polish that I would wear for this Holiday Season and I found myself gravitating to the Revlon Top Speed nail collection, I already had a green polish “Invitation Only” that I thought was perfect but I found an old standby, “Ignite” a lesser intense Chinese red shimmer that has that soft under glow so perfect for the Holiday season, so testing them both on white heavy cardboard, I was debating which color for my Nails when Doyle popped up and said “Green for the toes, red for the fingers”

And I have to admit Doyle was right, so it is “Ignite” for the Christmas Holidays.

But for New Year’s Eve I’m wearing L’Oreal’s “The Muse’s Attitude” a lovely blue green shimmer that will go well with a vintage evening gown and matching shoes of the same color that I will be wearing when Doyle, dressed as a Navy Lieutenant from World War II and I, dressed as a movie siren will go dancing on the U.S.S. Hornet to welcome in the New Year.

Later Darklings


  1. What a romantic life you lead! :) Be sure to blog about your New Year's Eve adventure! :) My favorite Revlon nail polish is called "Red Rocks," which is a bold red with iridescent gold shimmer to it. Alas, I think it has been discontinued! The Sally Hansen chrome line is also wonderful (and quick drying) if you like super shiny nails, but they definitely require some major touch-ups after only a short time & the deeper shades are tough to find!

    Have you tried any of the new "crackle" type nail polishes? I just got my first one last month (in black) and it's perfect for using over those buyers-remorse shades. :)

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Thank you Sage!

    I have tried the crackle polish but was disapointed with it's effect, since I prefer a sleek look, I gave it to a friend of mine who is into Steam Punk Gothic and it suits her style.

    I promise I will post my "New Years Eve" Adventure, but I may need a few days to recover. ;-)

    I'll be on the watch for "Red Rocks" I may find it on e-bay or estesy. Thank you for the tip.

    About my "Romantic Life" I have to confess I do have to work at it, it becomes an outlook and in essence an attituted but grounded in reality. I've had my ups and downs, my tradgedies and nasty encounters. Hmmm you've given me food for thought and Miranda and Coralline have asked me those same questions.

    I think my next few posts will be about the difficulties in my life as well. I have to admit it wasn't always all the time "Sweetness and Light" but as we do get older we have a tendency to look on the past with the "rosy, golden" hue.

    You have a Wonderful Holiday!