Monday, January 7, 2013

The first working day of the new year~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Ahh well, the celebrations are over, and now it's back to work, Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho.

Yesterday was 3 Kings Day or the Feast of the Epiphany, and slowly we took down the decorations off of the trees and from around the house,   the hall is filled with boxes to be put away.

I'm taking a short break at work today, to do a quick post and brief updates.

Coralline and her brothers and Miranda are back at school we didn't have Coralline this weekend as her Folks wanted to visit an Aunt who lives out of town.

And with School back in session the schedule is going to change a bit. 

Doyle and I had a wonderful time at the New Year's event on the U.S.S. Hornet, I will cover that in depth in another post.

And yes Darklings, my sweet sisters' curse of a cold did fall upon me.  I stayed in Bed last Friday and Saturday while my sister, Doyle and Ted, Miranda's brother, started removing the decorations I finally rose from my bed of pain on Sunday to help out or at least direct what should go where.   Sis said to wait a bit when I felt better so we can put everything away.   I hope we can do it by Martin Luther King jr Day.

I had to come to work today to at least clear things up and get things on the right path, so if I need to stay home a couple more days my co-workers will be able to follow my notes.  Being sick is no fun, Phooey!

I saw that Revlon has a new series of nail polish the theme I can't remember except it has to deal with metaphysical themes,  on nail polish was titled "Superstition", another "Essence", "Black Magic", "Charmed", and "Spooky"  there were others and all in a plain non-shimmer colors but there was two types of glitter top coats a sliver one the name is something like "Celestial" and had glitter in the shapes of moons and stars, the other was gold in the shapes of hearts and I think it might have been called "glitter Heart"   but I'm not sure my head is so stuffed up.  

I'll try to find out more later.

Now I must go Darklings and drink some hot tea.  Colds are a curse.

Later Darklings

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