Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Shopping and Spas~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I got up this morning at "Oh my Gosh! It's freezing cold!"  a.m. and took the earliest ferry into the City (S.F.)  I had stayed late Friday and put in a long morning today, then took the afternoon off and went shopping!

Love to shop!  So I went to our nearest "Bed, Bath and Beyond" store to get some new goodies for the kitchen and the guest bathroom,  needed a new kitchen sink floor mat, got one so cushy, and new bath mats for the bathrooms, shower curtains and rings, that have these wonderful fun images of being a Diva which lightened the bathroom up.

We needed new kitchen towels and some cook ware so I purchased the 3 clad stainless steel, easier to keep clean.  I took my time looking over everything, one never knows what will turn up.  And such wonderful aromatic goodies as well.

Then I went to T.J. Max, one can find some of the best design things for a much lower price there and treated myself to a pair of Anne Kline shoes in black patent leather, with a 2 inch heel and a cream color trim, very business like and dressy at the same time.  And I indulged in Beverly Hills Gregorio (did I spell that right?)  I've found it to be a very soft subtle scent, I wore it one time and seduced a bank executive wearing it, he later steered me onto some very good investments.  No impropriety here just fun in the bed room, we remained friends for a long time, even after he married his 2nd and later 3rd wife.  When we met he was between number 1 and 2.

Right now I'm waiting for my sister we're going this wonderful shopping center that has Nordstrom's and Victoria Secrets, we've promised to treat ourselves.  Followed by a late dinner.   Doyle is on assignment right now and he'll be gone for at least a week, pooh.  So it's "girls night". 

I've put in for my sister and I, to have a SPA weekend at the Clairmont Hotel and Resort, anything to take the chill out of our bones and to relax.  My cold is much better and so is hers and we need to be properly primped and pampered and indulged in, like slowly rolling one's tongue on the most wickedly delicious chocolate truffles followed by a red wine that would send one to heaven.  

As a matter of fact Darklings, if you check out what they offer at the SPA, you would think you were a "Lotus Eater"  and we are going to do Everything.  We are going to stay there for the weekend as well so we won't have to travel even the few miles to get there,  Belladonna is going to be staying at a Doggie Hotel and Spa as well, she's stayed there before several times for the day and seems to enjoy it, so she will have a treat as well.

I am looking so forward to it.

Sad to say we won't have Coralline until the weekend following, her folks want to take her and her brothers on a skiing vacation, which they had planned for months in advance, Coralline said she won't ski but she is going to take pictures with the camera that her folks got for her for Christmas and she has a lot of sim cards to go with it.  She's not sure what she'll see on vacation but she wants to be prepared.  She is hoping that her brothers won't do anything stupid to ruin the vacation, but she's afraid that one of them might.

I love the frank reality that she has about her brothers.

My sister is here and is ready to go, traffic will be a bear but I know an alternate route and although a little slower it is much easier to take and faster during commute time.

Later Darklings

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