Saturday, January 26, 2013

Of Film Noir and Twisted Minds~~~~

Well My Darklings,

Doyle and I enjoyed last nights Noir film fest,  there is something about
the twisted thoughts as presented in the films and by writers of Noir
type books that intrigues me.

The twistedness of the human mind can be unfathomable, into further and deeper depths,  perhaps that is why I enjoy such programs as "Criminal Minds" and CSI Las Vegas and New York.

The latest that has appeared is "The Following", I'm going to Tivo it (record it) for viewing later, I don't want Coralline or Miranda exposed to such darkness yet, their minds are still young and they have enough to deal with from school and peer interaction.   Of course one cannot protect them all the time, but one can help with giving them a course of action and to be open with trusted family members.

But "The Following" can show how twisted individuals can brainwash people into horrible acts,  it reminds me of the Jim Jones cult and the Branch Davidians and the Heaven's Gate people, how they willingly committed suicide.   One must be careful to never surrender one's own personal will and life choices to another.   That is one powerful thing that my parents taught me.  The vampire stories are even analogies of surrendering one's will to another, something that I realized at an early age, especially thanks to my Father with his wise words to me.

But for now Doyle and I are going to the next series of film showings at The Castro Theatre, I am looking forward to it.

Later Darklings,

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