Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of a SPA weekend and guns~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

My sister and I are at the SPA, currently I'm using their wi-fi to post, and am looking forward to our first treatment.

In between we will relax, eat, read and sleep in the most heaven sent luxury that I can hope to enjoy.

This last week has been busy for me at work, and coming home just to tiring, but we managed to get all the Christmas decorations stored away.   Next weekend sis and I will do a good going over of the house, vacuuming, dusting trying to find all the little tree needles that Christmas trees leave as reminders.

But for now we will relax and enjoy.   Doyle has been in touch with me and hopes to complete his assignment by Monday.  He wants to take me to a gun shop out in Pleasant Hill and check on a .38 revolver,  it's been a while since I've shot a gun but he wants me to have one, get proficient with it and then apply for a Conceal Carry Weapon Permit, especially since I've been working late at night frequently and there have been a lot of crime happening,  I would prefer pepper spray but one of our ladies was assaulted and she used pepper spray and it didn't work, she was beaten up and was in the hospital for a few days, I went to visit her and she was so bruised. 

She told me it was for her purse, and all she had in it was some Kleenex, aspirin and her bus pass and a lipstick, she keeps her keys, id and cash and credit cards in a small wallet that she has in an inside pocket in her coat, the robber was so mad he started hitting her she brought out the pepper spray, sprayed him but he didn't stop.  She told me she wish she had a gun.  It was a startling admission from her, but she said she is going to get training and buy a gun,  to quote her "they are animals, beasts, and you put down a rabid animal!"  I suggested that besides the gun she also talk to someone to help her work this out, she said to me "once you've been victimized there is no going back, I won't be a victim again!"  I couldn't and wouldn't argue with her and said she had my support and we should look into a class to show how to avoid looking like a target as well.   She agreed, so we will go together, she wanted to come back to work as soon as possible but I told her to listen to her doctor and that I would make sure her schedule is that she will be working daylight hours for the time being, just to get herself back into the swing of things.

So I agreed with Doyle and will use my associates assault as the reason.  IF the sheriff will allow it, he he so namby-pamby, doesn't believe a citizen should protect themselves. 

Well now I must relax, this is a SPA weekend.   My neighbors will house sit for us and Belladonna is at her SPA and hotel as well I called this morning and she is doing well.

My sister is here and our first treatment is in 15 minutes, so must go.

Later My Darklings

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