Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of Film Noir continuing~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have been having so much fun at the S.F. Film Noir Festival.

It is such a delight to meet with other like minded people, Peggy Cummings such a lovely lady, and I enjoyed seeing "Night of the Demon" (aka "Curse of the Demon")  it is one of my favorite supernatural noir films.   I recommend Darklings to get the double set from Amazon and view the longer version, the American edition edited out some key scenes, that is why the longer British version is better.  

But seeing it on the big screen make it so much more menacing.

There is more to come this week and I am looking forward to it.  Since I have two tickets both my sister and Doyle can rotate depending upon their schedules.   And I am so glad that my sister was able to post on the board for you Darklings.  She recorded the "Black Cat" for me, one of the most Gothic noir films of the 1930's I've ever seen.  I have my own copy but I wanted to see what "Svengoolie" had to say about it.

Because of my schedule for the rest of the week I may not be able to post until the weekend, but until then my Darklings, have fun, enjoy this lovely chilly weather that reminds one of the grave.  Oh my!  Does that sound Morbid???

Ahhh and once again my co-work has brought me coffee with a hint of nutmeg this time,  I still need to find out what is his motives.   I do know this, he too loves Film Noir, we ran into each other at the Festival and he has a "passport" to all the films as well.  So we shall see.

A side note:   Belladonna is doing well, Coralline has developed a serious chest cold, but her parents and doctor are watching it and she is slowly getting better.   Miranda is a bit frustrated because Coralline is sick but they've been in touch via phone, her brother Ted is doing a paper on the structure of Victorian houses including balloon construction.  My sister and Doyle are doing well.

And I've had some questions about the cat that sleeps under my front porch, well he's a bit of a Cat About Town, he appears to be well fed and cared for, and I do give him food and water as well, but I have to take it in at night to avoid the raccoons.  There are other people that also feed him, but who he belongs to I haven't a clue, but I'll continue to watch him---he doesn't come near the Koi pond we've set up an electric wire fence to keep predators out,  but I am planning on having a similar pond inside the large green house once I get it re-furbished and fixed up and I will move the Koi in there for their protection and then put mosquito fish in the outside pond, I can get them for free from the Water Company.

Now back to work.

Later Darklings

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