Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of rain and vampires~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I'm taking a break and having my 3rd cup of coffee,  I must live on coffee I think.   I have one at home, one on the ferry and then one on my break.  

At lunch I drink bottled water, I prefer Dasani, and then in the afternoon 1 cup of tea and more water.  Riding home on the ferry I drink more water.   And at dinner I have water followed by later either a small glass of wine or a cup of chamomile tea.   It is strange but I've never thought of that ritual of what I drink before, habit I guess.

I had hope to leave the office on my lunch hour but it rained and I forgot my umbrella, not that it mattered when I went home but it was heavier on the lunch hour,  for some reason although the rain was cool it wasn't freezing, and it felt refreshing,  if I hadn't just recovered from a cold I'd have danced in it.  It just felt right to dance in it.   Strange in a way.

And this morning, even with everything damp from the rain the air felt fresher, cleaner, I enjoyed taking deep breathes of it. 

A little rain is a good thing, but too much can be very depressing.

I set up my radio to record Coast to Coast, the AM radio program that has people on to talk about strange things or conspiracies or off beat historical discoveries.  Last night it was about vampires, the speaker did both historical, medical and forensic research on the vampire legends how it came about,  much had to do with disease and superstition, possibly pre-mature burial but also with several medical conditions,  I found it fascinating as I listened to my recording on it and I will go to the Coast to Coast web site to get the speaker's web site for more information. 

And considering the conditions last night and to day it just seemed a perfect subject to listen to.  For those of you who are into the strange and bizarre I will post the Coast to Coast web site on my links section as soon as possible. 

My co-worker is again temping me with another cup of coffee,  sweet young man.   I wonder if he has a crush on me or is just playing up to me for a special request?  Hmmm I'll have to find out.

Later Darklings---break time is over.

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