Sunday, January 20, 2013

Of wicked delights~~~~

Hello Darklings,

My sister and I are so pampered and relaxed it is wonderful and well worth the expense.

I say Darklings one needs to indulge in a Spa Treatment at least once a year, preferably twice a year, but it can be expensive, so save up for it Darklings, save up for it.

We are staying one more night here and then tomorrow we return to reality first picking up Belladonna and second seeing what messages and things that need to be attended to.

I did managed last night to phone my brother and sister in law on their family ski vacation, they are taking in the hot tub to get out their aches and pains, everyone has done well, even Coralline tried her hand at skiing but she told me that for all the pain and expense in her opinion (of a 10 going on 11 year old), it is not worth the trouble.   Her brothers thought it was "awesome" even throwing snow balls, but Coralline did not like getting hit with a slush ball, wet and drippy and making one's clothes wet and drippy.   I had to agree with her that it was "mean" to throw a slush ball.

Today they told me they were going to watch the game with the 49'ers and the Falcons on their room t.v.  Coralline said she's is going to the lobby to read next to the fireplace and stay warm.  Of course the boys are going to enjoy it and then play in the snow some more.

The thought of all the cold snow has me looking for a good hot jacuzzi to stay warm in.

So for now we are looking forward to our mani-pedi's and hand and foot massages, yes Darklings, very hedonistic,  I know but I haven't done this since last September and it maybe nearly a whole year before I can do this again.  So enjoy I must.

Later Darklings

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