Sunday, January 13, 2013

Watch out for e-mail Scam, and an Update~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I must warn all of you who read my Blog, of a new e-mail scam that is being done.

If you receive an e-mail from the Federal Bureau of Investigation saying that you will be arrested for  "money Laundering"  if you do not respond within 72 hours, it is a Scam, the e-mail is a fake.

I received one and so did some of my co-workers who called me last night who were upset and concerned about this. 

This e-mail is supposedly from an "Agent John Gale" or another American Sounding name.   At first it looks like it might be legitimate but upon further inspection there is something wrong with the e-mail address listed.

I went to the legitimate web site for the F.B.I. and they do not send out such e-mails, No.  If you are being investigated they will come to your door. 

So if you do receive such an e-mail it is a FAKE,  forward it either by e-mail or send a copy of it to your local FBI office,  there are Regional Offices and then smaller field offices and you can find the snail mail addresses for them on their web site,  there is also an e-mail address that you can forward an e-mail to the FBI for such e-mail fraud.

This will most likely happen here in the United States, but for those of you from other countries please be on the watch for such fraud there maybe a variation designed to represent your countries investigation bureau as well.  

It is just another variation of what we here call "The Nigerian Scam",   no offense to the people of Nigeria, but that is what it is called because much of these e-mail scams seem to originate from Nigeria.

Since I have such a large blog following I wanted to let you Darklings be aware of this.

I am getting better from my cold, but the weather conditions here are simply chilling.  The flu that is going through the United States is reaching epidemic portions, it is a nasty one and now I've heard that 20 children have died from it.  That saddens me and yet there are people who will not get the flu shot vaccine, I can understand it if you maybe allergic to some of the properties in the vaccine, but just to refuse to take it as a matter of principle is foolish.  

We had to protect some plants from the frost and Doyle had to break the ice again in the pond, we've since put a plastic sheeting over it to see if that will help insulate it a bit,  a neighbors car radiator burst from the cold because he had been putting in water instead of antifreeze, now it's going to cost him a repair bill, it was such a loud bang that we thought someone was shooting in the neighborhood, until we heard the cursing and all we could do was commiserate.

I've been keeping my vintage car in the garage, but we've been covering the engine compartment with old heavy duty moving blankets to further insulate it.  And when I come home from work I open the garage door and turn over the engine and let it run for 10 minutes to keep the engine fluids moving.  The heating bill is going to a bit high as I've been running it at 68 degrees when we go to bed, so at least the house will be bearable in the morning. 

And although wearing a silk nightgown maybe sexy, flannel pajama's keep you warm.  Belladonna has been wearing her warmest doggie coat and we have an electric blanket throw set at the lowest setting, that she can curl up on.
I and some of my co-workers have been taking extra blankets and comforters to homeless shelters, so many people have been crowding them,  and we've been donating funds to the various charitable "Soup Kitchens", so many people, so cold and hungry.  It is after the Holidays that the gift of giving needs to continue, this is when the coldest months arrive, when those in need, need our help the most.

Doyle has heard of a number of homeless men being found suffering from hypothermia, or dead from the freezing cold weather.   We cannot save the entire world, but we can do our best to save a portion of it.

Now I must go, my sister and I are going to do a little shopping  get some fresh vegetables and make a nice pot of hot  filling soup to warm us up for dinner, during this time of year soups and stews are the best.

I know Darklings, not so glamorous a post but then when its this cold, glamour goes "out the window".

Later Darklings

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