Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Of a short update~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am at work early this morning, so much to do.

This will be a quick update, Doyle, my sister and I had fun at the Film Noir Festival, it was fun seeing all these movies that explore the twistedness of the human mind.  Seeing Peggy Cummings was delightful, I am so glad that she knows that she is appreciated for her work in film.

And of course our wearing period clothing, exchanging business cards, making contacts, all in good fun as well as Networking.   Yes my Darklings, business cards although old-fashioned still work, it is real it is tangible.

I'm going to be posting some more current fashion observations a little later on, but of late in the real world I've noticed a trend in nail polish to the grey, pale beige, and sage green colors, all in neutral tones, it maybe the transtional colors for late winter, early spring before the splash of summer colors come out.

I like them and will post more about it later.

Now must go, my 10 minute mental break is over.

Later Darklings

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