Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Of I'm back, I'm back!!~~~~

Hello Darklings,

This will have to be a short post.

Whew!!  Well I have been busy, sometimes it doesn't pay to take an extended weekend vacation but I did and the minute I get back it's "We need you now!!" 

Well illness, and some of my co-workers getting their little one's back to school, and someone having to leave for family emergency, it was an All Hands on Deck situation. 

But both Doyle and I managed to squeeze in a short trip this last weekend.

But I'm going to have to tell you about it another time, Sis is having all of us over for dinner at her house for a change, and I have to admit I've not had a chance to see any of the work that she's had done lately and she also wants to show her prize purchase.

So Darklings, I will be forced to fill you in later.

But I just wanted to let you know I'm well, Doyle is slowly getting better (I'll have more on that later), we had a great time.

And now my telephone is ringing, it's Sis she needs my help with the dinner, well it's better than yelling across the fence.  LOL.

Later Darklings

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