Friday, September 12, 2014

Of wine, desks and Halloween~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well we are having another mild heat wave, not so bad where I am but I know just over the hill it will climb to triple digits.

And now I can take a breather,  I am so exhausted from working that I know with my hours being only part time now, I'm using my hours up very quickly and the Holidays are coming, so for sure they will go quickly.

But I did talk to my supervisor, I really want to be more retired than what I am now, my income from my investments and retirement plan is more than enough, and with the trust to cover the house, I really don't have any worries.  So why do I work?  I asked myself that question and the answer came back 'to not become dull'  but my Doctor did advise for me to slow down a bit and enjoy life.

Oh I'm not sick Darklings, just a little heart murmur, but I do have to admit that getting up at "Oh My God It's Early!" has lost a lot of 'charm' for me, although I do love my co-workers.

And the Powers That Be do not want to lose my expertise, so I am to be "on Call" which knowing how often they get backed up and with fellow co-workers wanting to have what we call "a life", it will be a much better proposition.   I will continue to read up on all the updates on my work and I've been informed if there is going to be a training on a new test or system I am to be included in it.

So starting this weekend my life will finally be my own, unless they need me.  Oh the life of a dilatant, a social butterfly, flittering here and there, sipping at that flower and this flower.  But I am going to keep myself busy, there is a lot to do and be involved in.

And with fall nearly here I am looking forward to it. 

Already I've made a list of the movie classics that will be shown around various theatres, it will be a while before the Film Noir festival, and one of my favorite vintage fashion shows will not be until November but there is a book sale coming in October and do not get me going on Halloween---Which happens to fall on a Friday, I am making serious plans for that. 

So where do I begin?   Well Doyle's Man Cave is done, it's starting to look like a 1940's private detective's office, there is a small foyer with a locking door, so if you're coming in from the rain you can hang the rain coat in, then there is the "office door" with a pebbled glass upper half that has Doyle's name and then under it "Private Investigations"   and you walk into the office, behind where his desk will be is an imitation window, my present to Doyle, it's recessed to give the impression of a window with the skyline of San Francisco from the 1940's, I had it fixed up so that the lighting will change over the hours so that the lights from the other offices will come on, with little tiny street lights, and a moon that will rise at a certain time. 

A friend of mine from Los Angeles did it for me, I had done him several BIG favors over the years and this is his way of re-payment, and one can get through a wall in the garage to replace any burnt out lights.

It has hardwood flooring made out of sustainable bamboo, the walls are made to resemble the walls in Sam Spades office, there is a real window that looks out into the garden but my friend found the old fashion wooden blinds that one would have found in old office buildings, so now it's to finish the lighting, we've found a office chandelier that will be good for over all lighting but we are looking for the lamps that would have been used back them.  And a desk, chair, file cabinet for that period, Doyle wants to use it as his office, away from his office,  so it will look like a cross between Sam Spades', Philip Marlow and any other 1940's film noir detective's office.

Fortunately there are a number of pictures based on the set design and layout so I was even able to include a cold water sink so Doyle could wash his hands before coming in to dinner.

The height of it was one concern but since my garage was designed to have a storage loft as well it turned out that the height was just right.

With a bit of luck I think I'll be able to find a copy of the "black bird" and if not I think my ghostly artists could make one for me.   So now to find the furniture.

Our trip to Napa was very rewarding in many ways but also it was a bit distressing as well.  We were able to donate a lot of plate and glass ware to that consignment shop to help out folks who lost theirs, but to see the damage up close and personal well it did leave me gasping, and that was only a 6.0.  Although I know my house is anchored down I even wonder if it could really ride out a serious quake especially if the Hayward fault shifted as that one is closer to me. 

Doyle tried to distract me and we left for the out reaches of Napa and managed to find a motel to stay at, one of the more average one's but we were comfortable, one of the delights we found was Anaba winery, it is green powered and their wines were delicious I managed to get 1 bottle of the 2011 Syrah, although they say they are sold out, there still was a few bottles left but I was informed those were spoken for.  So I considered myself lucky. 

We did stop at a few of my other favorite wineries that were not affect, and it seems each one was contributing to helping those that had lost some of their stock.  Amazing how well a community can pull itself together.  And just the other day we heard that the boy who was crushed under the bricks of his family's fire place is home and expected to recover, but there was one fatality, a woman who was struck on the head and thought she would recover, had succumbed to her injury.  But at all that only one death, I consider that a miracle.

And now with the weather so nice and warm I want to travel there again, but we shall see how that goes.

Earlier this week my Sister had us over to her house for dinner, it was good seeing my brother and sister in law, the boys and Coralline, she just could not stop chatting about the trips that her family has been on.  I was so glad to see that she had recovered from her injury but her Mother told me that she still has a bit of pain in her little finger and was concerned that it didn't heal right, well that evening was a bit of surprises, my sister took us on a tour of the house and so much has been done, only two bedrooms need to be finished as well as some finishing touches in the garden, but everything is in place and she is very happy with it and showed up her prize find---a kidney shaped desk, with a file cabinet for current cases, and drawers for writing paper and materials, it was right from the late 1940's and such a find.  She found it at a charity shop, all she had to do is have it refinished as it's solid mahogany, but even I could see the beauty in this wonderful desk and the style was just right for her home office.

The other surprise was Sis, Coralline's Mother and I chipped in to buy Coralline her own laptop, now she can work on her home work, do her journal and any writing that she'd like to do.   Her friend Marissa is suggesting some reputable writing competitions for her to submit her stories as well as magazines that take stories from young writers.  I told Coralline the worst that can happen is that they may say "no" but even Steven King's first novel "Carrie" was rejected until his wife said to keep at it.  So never be discouraged.  Coralline was elated with her gift even her Dad said she deserved it.

Her mother told me that she got a part time job to help offset the cost of the insurance and gasoline for their RV, I asked how did they manage to fit all 6 of them in it, and she said "A camping tent"  they were going crazy with how crowded and noisy the RV got with the boys arguing, until they got to Manteca and went into a Bass Pro shop and found a tent that could be put up in 30 seconds, so with an awning going from it to the RV's awning and of course pegging it down the boys had a room to their own and seemed to like roughing it.  The oldest kept an eye on the younger two, and there were a few rules set down but I was told it worked out well and sanity reigned.

And now my Darklings, it's coming!  Yes, Halloween is coming!!  I went into the Nob Hill grocery store and there they were, skeletons of human's and dogs, lights and candy and other decorations.  And I got my Grandi Road Catalogue and Spirit is sending me information as to where the nearest stores will be, I am so excited---I did have to buy the skeleton dogs, but Belladonna and Weiner dog were not amused, especially when I put them near their food dishes, so to keep peace in the house I tucked the boney dogs away.

Now to see what Target and Wal-Mart will offer, but Oh I can hardly wait for Spirit to open their stores, hurry, hurry I say, I simply can't wait.  Oh and there is the Pirates of Emmerson haunted houses as well as a few others we need to check into.

On a personal note, Doyle's problem is getting better but it is taking a long time to resolve itself, so he'll be off the antibiotics in a few days and he can go back to work full time in two weeks, but he is going to have to see the doctor in 2 months as well as having another follow-up ultrasound, the good news is that it does not appear to be a tumor at all so keeping and eye on it at this time is the best procedure, and he's not feeling any pain or tenderness so that is good.  But he still wishes he'd kicked that other fellow.

Frankly I don't blame him.

Now my Darklings, Doyle has shown up with Dinner, our old standby, Chinese!

Later Darklings

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