Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of the fire and such update~~~~

Well my Darklings,

The King fire is about 35 percent contained if the winds don't pick up, so far it seems to be going in a North East direction but embers do fly up and start hot spots in other locals.

I've been praying for rain and cool weather to give the firefighters a chance, they've come as far away as Alaska and Florida, 5,000 of them, this is a horrendous fire.

Al and Doyle went up yesterday to see if Al could go to his cabin and in the afternoon they were letting some folks up there, and also Al wanted to see if any notices were posted about these lost dogs,  they didn't get back until late last night.

Al said that he lost his work shop and his non-working VW, he was glad he didn't have gas in the tank of that car or it would have been worse,  it seems that the back part of his cabin got badly scorched, and it appears he may have lost the bad deck of his cabin but so far it appears to be in tact,  so he got boards and he and Doyle put boards over the windows, and doors.

Put a big sign on it saying that it is owner occupied, and had salvaged family photo's which he was grateful to find unharmed.

There was no notice of any dogs missing answering to the two dogs he has.  So this morning we took them to the vet to see if they were micro chipped and they were not.  So the Vet gave them a full set of shots, advised what sort of food they should be fed incase they might have food allergies, and said that the taller dog was about 10 years old and the shorter one was about 8, Duke is male and Gabby is Female, and both are neutered, the Vet found the neuter scar on Gabby. 

So with all those shots the dogs are now sleeping the sleep of the just and medicated.   Al is making plans on moving one of his trailers back up to live in while he does repairs to his cabin, but it may be a while until his area gets the all clear.

Duke and Gabby have taken to sleeping on these rugs that I have in the kitchen towards one corner,  I was surprised to see the other day that Duke dragged one of the rugs to one spot and laid down there, and Gabby just crowded on it, so I moved the other rug there with their food and water bowls near them,  and it's a good spot just right where they can see all the doors, and yet be out of the way. 

They won't go outside unless one of us is with them, and has taken to accepting both Doyle and myself as part of their "pack". 

So for now Al will be staying with us but going back and forth until he gets a final all clear,  the question of the dogs are still up in the air, although both Belladonna and Weiner have accepted them.
They are house broken and very calm, Al is not sure if he wants to keep them, but we said to not to worry at this point in time. 

Take care of what needs to be done first.  So now Al and Doyle are working on plans, I'm leaving in a few minutes to put in a few hours at work, Sis said she'll do dinner as her clients are now coming to her home for their appointments.

And then I'll take a little time this evening to collect my thoughts to see what will be happening next.

I do know that I have a graveyard to set up for Halloween, so I need to go through and see what is being offered.

Later Darklings

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