Saturday, September 20, 2014

Of forest fires and being heart-sick~~~~

Oh My Darklings,

I am just so heart sick about the horrible fire that is at Pollock Pines nearly Hywy 50, this leads to the south end of Lake Tahoe,  it is horrible.

One of my acquaintances has a couple of vintage trailers that he was in the process of restoring, he and some of his friends were able to get up there and pull the trailers out and in the process rescued two stray dogs.

He called me this morning and asked if I knew a place where he could store them, I asked Doyle and Doyle told him of a couple of friends that had plenty of storage area in Livermore, so Doyle called them on his cell and got the O.K. 

My friend said he still had the dogs so I directed him to my vet to see if they were micro-chipped and hopefully return them to their owner(s) he said they were beautiful dogs and if he can't find the owner at all he'd adopt them, they've seem to have bonded to him, won't let him out of their sight.

He told me more about the horrible loss up in that area, but said that he was vaguely acquainted with the alleged person who may have started that fire, and said he couldn't believe it might have been him, unless it was a small camp type fire that went out of control.

So he's coming by to pick up Doyle and Doyle will guide them to his friend's place and make arrangements for him. 

Doyle and I were planning to take a mid-week trip to Lake Tahoe but I don't think that will happen.

Pray for rain my Darklings.  We need it more than ever.

Later Darklings


  1. That's some depressing news, I hope things are steadily improving. People tend to forget that animals get caught up in these natural disasters. I once watched a documentary on animal rescue after Katrina, it's really heart wrenching stuff but I'm happy there are so many people dedicated to helping out. :)

    1. Oh I know about that, many people refused to be rescued unless they could bring their pets.
      Because of this there is a law that is either in place or is going to be in place, that pets are family and should also be rescued.

      Some people have nicknamed it "Weezy's Law" because of an elderly owner who refused to leave his dog Weezy, told the rescuers if they couldn't take his dog, they couldn't take him, eventually someone was able to rescue both of them. Katrina really brought home the idea that pets are not property but family.