Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of Excited that halloween is coming!!! Saw Sleepy Hollow and oh the Fall season looks interesting on T.V.~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes!  Two posts in one day, have I gone insane???   No, I'm waiting for my ride to finish up his task, since I'm all done and ready to go, he's just finishing his notes, making sure they are correct.

And it doesn't hurt to hold back commuting home at rush hour, sometimes just waiting 30 minutes doesn't hurt.

Well I managed to get through some unfinished things and get them ready to go, I took a half hour break, and walked to the nearest CVS to get a bottle of my favorite drink with the "battery acid" taste, yes Darklings Dark cherry Coca Cola.  I don't indulge in it often but on such a humid muggy day it did feel good, I was looking for a Dr. Pepper but they were out.

And there I saw it!!!  I had to have them!!!!  I couldn't RESIST!!!!

So I bought them!!!!! 

Yes My Darklings a skeleton Cat and two skeleton birds, and a skeleton wolf's head that howls' when you touch the hidden tab.  They will go so well with my skeleton dog.

I called Doyle about my purchases and he asked me "Do they have a skeleton fish?  That would go well with the skeleton Cat"   Well that is something to think about.

And they had such delightful smaller indoor decorations, I could have easily gone overboard, but there is just only so much room in my ride's car, he's got 3 boxes of books cases from IKEA and it's pretty cramped as is. 

Oh Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!!  And no assembly required!

Oh for the Spirit Store to be open!!

I'm having a hard time waiting, there are times when I'm like that actress in the old Mervyn's commercial She's at the front door at 4 a.m. with her hands on the glass saying "Open! Open! Open!"

Sis and I are already planning what food we'll serve at our Halloween party, after all it will be on a FRIDAY!!!!

Are YOU prepared my Darklings?  

And Doyle told me that he and Al went to the grocery store to stock up on Angry Orchards Hard Cider varieties, Hmmmm I knew his beer stock was low, so I guess it's time for the Fall Flavors.

And it's time for me to stock up on some of my favorite wines. 

But I won't have to cook dinner tonight.

My Darklings did you watch the season opening of Sleepy Hollow, when I first saw the first few minutes I was puzzled and thought "did we miss something? Are the writer's cheating us?"  But no it was an illusion.  And just as exciting already.

We did see the premier of Gotham, already I spotted the Penguin and Poison Ivy, but it seems that its being told from the future Commissioner's Gordon's view point.   I love twists like that.

And I did enjoy the new NCIS: New Orleans  and Blacklist---I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation.  I did catch the premier of Big Bang and Scorpion we had to record them, so after we see the second episode of Mysteries of Laura we'll do a catch up. 

So many choices and such a conflict to record and even the Originals, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Castle has not yet come out, this is going to be a very interesting Fall opener.   Football need not apply.

And now it's time to go,  my ride is ready, my boney animals are ready and I am ready.

Later Darklings

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