Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of "Do you know what Anniversary is today??"

Hello My Darklings,

Well do you?

I'll give you a hint----

"They're creepy and they're Kooky, they're all together Spooky, the........"

Give Up?

On This Date Sept 18, 1964, was the premier episode of   "THE ADDAMS FAMILY".

There house is a museum where everyone can scream(um).

And it was too, according to a yahoo article if the show had gone onto a 3rd season they would have show it in color.

Here are a couple of color photographs-----

It seems that the walls in the living room were of a dark patterned pink color, not red, which is surprising because the walls in both the main parlor and dinning room in my home has pink Victorian patterned wall paper,  the family parlor (which is a 2nd living room and smaller) has also the same paper.  

I'm not sure if my Great Aunt re-wallpapered it when the Show came on but it does appear, from the fade marks on the wall paper to have been done at that time.
Now I do wish it and the Munsters had gone to a third season and had been filmed in color.
Enjoy Darklings!


  1. I love the Addams Family, so much so that I even considered changing my last name to Addams at one point. I never gave it much thought as to what color the rooms were. Seeing it in black and white I always assumed it would be mostly monochromatic. Then again, they are an eccentric family with a fetish for Victorian stuff, so these colours do makes sense.

  2. It was a weird experience to see the livingroom in colour. But I agree with Ms Ladyfair, it makes sense.
    I loved the Addams show as a child though not having any clue about what they were talking about (kids in Sweden wasn't english speaking back then) and is still amused by it. They are a very loving family and I do prefer the 60's serie before the 90's movies.

  3. Thanks for this very interesting post! I'm not surprised at the colors. I've read quite a bit about how garish makeup and clothing had to be for black-and-white movies and TV, just to make them look "normal". And I have to be honest, if I'd watched an episode with THOSE colors, I would have gagged! I'm glad never got out of black and white.