Saturday, September 13, 2014

Of Lovely developments~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Sis had the refinisher show up and pick up the desk, she's had him do work for her before and trusts his workmanship, I really don't think he could do anything to spoil it. So I'm sure it will come out beautifully.

She'll be by in a few minutes and we'll do our usual shopping errands, Doyle has placed the wines that we had purchased a few weeks ago into special slots in the basement wine area, we had placed them there when we got home but he wanted to label their location.

Now he's off to go to some salvage place with a friend of his (who fortunately has a truck) to see what he can find to furnish his "man-cave", he can be like a school boy.

I have dinner cooking in the crock pot and my neighbor is going to watch the dogs for us, we are planning to see what offers both Target and Wal-Mart are going to offer in the way of candy.  Last year Target had the best deals, but I think we'll pay for it in cash.

With all the hoopla of hackers getting into stores cards systems, we are falling back on cash, but not in our purses,  Ladies do you remember those old-fashioned pockets attached to one's bra straps?  Yes indeed, and my I.D. and keys in my regular pockets, so all anyone will find in my tiny purse is a lipstick, mirror, headache pills, and Kleenex and a comb should they purse snatch it from me.  Oh my  cell phone is also in my pocket, I don't have one of those fancy ones with 20 million aps on it, just a basic flip phone with 911 and several city police phone numbers programed in.  But then who wants a boring flip phone.  Well I do, when Doyle calls it plays the James Bond theme, when work calls it plays the Darth Vader theme, Sis is Mozart, my brother is Indian Jones theme.

I know silly isn't it. 

I told Sis about the velveteen pumpkins at Nob Hill and she wants a set for her home.  Why Not?

But one lovely thing that Sis is going to spoil me, well us with, is she has passes for the Art Deco Gatsby Picnic and it will be lovely, I'll use my Battenberg Parasol to keep the Sun off of my delicate skin and I have a lovely 1920's style afternoon dress that will be perfect for it.   A lovely home, vintage cars, and wonderful idea's.   It is a lovely development. 

And now Sis is here so to Target, a few other places and then groceries.

Later Darklings

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  1. An Art Deco Gatsby Picnic sounds wonderful:)

    I do not have the figure for most styles from that time period but I love it regardless.