Sunday, June 1, 2014

Of Musings, thoughts and the whys of my blog~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I thought we were going to the movies today, but Coralline seems to have come down with either allergies or a Summer cold, her parents are taking her to the doctor tomorrow to be on the safe side.  Poor thing, she called me last night saying her throat itched on the inside, and she kept sneezing, coughing and her nose would not stop running----the fever her mother told me was mild, not even 100 I told her I suspected pollen allergy but we both agreed the Doctor would know, so for now a children's allergy cold tablet to see how that goes. 

In a way I hope its not a summer cold, and that if it is allergies that its mild and controllable.

I've had several people ask me why I do not comment in greater depth about world issues that are happening.

Personally I prefer not to, I do have my opinions, some of them are quiet strong and might offend my blog readers, and I have no wish to do that.

I prefer that my blog be a sort of diary, silly, stupid, funny, sad, slightly opinionated, a bit Gothic, a bit strange, maybe even a bit crazy.

Oh I do comment on things---but more from how it affects myself or my family, or from what I've seen or read, and if it's on the dark Gothic side or strangely bizarre, all the more fun.

But there are things that do horrify me and sometimes I cannot help but express it from my point of view, sometimes it is the only way to mentally clear my mind.

I've posted family things that have happened in the past, mentioned sad and funny things in relationship to family members, both personal, religious, frightening and sometimes angry.

And yes, I have put them out here to "dry" as it were on the wash-line of a blog, but in a way I'd like those who are not from where I live, to get an idea of the fact that some people are not all alike

And I must be popular because I was startled to discover that I've had over 22,000 viewings on my blog, that might not be much, but since I don't advertise it, it is a lot to me, with people from all over the world, even area's where I would think my blog would be banned.

But if through my peramutations my random thoughts or opinions it gives to those who are restrained from seeing the outside world at least a glimpse of over here, then I MUST be doing something right.

I may seem self indulgent, selfish and self-centered, I'm not, but now and then it is relaxing to take sometime for one's self.  I may even seem wealthy, overly wealthy---I'm not Bill Gates----I've managed to save, invest, got lucky with my Great-Aunts Trust to maintain her house and to do adventures---but I don't travel to Europe or over seas, I pretty much stay in my back yard.

I watch my budget and I do things to earn extra money, recycling for instance, buying 2nd hand, yard sales, saving money to buy as needed large purchases.  And there have been times I've worked 2nd jobs to get what is needed or desired. 

I am more than aware of those who are not as fortunate as myself, I take that into account.  That is why I give to charities that help battered women, the homeless, the sick, and to services for animals that are abused and abandoned in the hopes they will find loving homes or santuaries.

I have helped friends, co-workers and family members get back on their feet without thought of re-payment.

Ahhh now I know it sound like I'm being like that person in one of Jesus's parables of the Rich man and the Tax-collector, it may seem like I'm bragging---I'm not, I'm just explaining myself as best as I can---because more than once I've felt like the Tax-collector who says "Lord I am not worthy to be in your presence for I am a sinner."

And I guess God has heard me, for despite my losses of family and friends whom I miss dearly, I have been fortunate.

So I will not comment on the misery of the world, at least not in depth, not on this blog, I intend to have it as a form of escape for folks or something to enjoy vicariously in some way.

A little bit Goth, a little bit Film Noir, a healthy splash of Adams Family and the Munsters,  a little bit "Leave it to Beaver" and a touch of "I Love Lucy".   Because that is just how my family was and is.

And now I'm going to see about finding a Monster High Doll for Coralline to cheer her up.

Later Darklings


  1. Sharing one's personal views through blogging is difficult. I consider myself a very moral person, but like you I don't often share my views on my blog because I don't want to scare people off! I have strong opinions lol. I know there are those who I would clash with but I want to connect with them on another level. In my undergrad I met all sorts of people with different views but it wasn't their opinions on abortion or equality that I was interested in, I wanted to know about them and their life stories. I try to see past our differences and look at the things we share. Sure, some people have some not so awesome ideas about the world but our minds are forever young, we will grow and change.

    I like that your blog isn't overpoweringly opinionated but I see the benefit of venting when you need to. I am not offended by or stand in judgment of your opinions, it is your blog after all! : )

  2. I agree with Ms. Ladyfair above, and I like your blog EXACTLY the way it is. :-)

  3. Thank you My Darklings, it is most appreciated.

  4. I don't comment nearly enough, but I dig your blogging style :)