Friday, June 13, 2014

Of worms, slugs, a water meter and Cthulhu~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I had hoped to get home in time to change into something vintage before going to the vintage fashion show but things took a different turn.  And I should have realize it because it's FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Brian was home at my Sister's house working from there and offered to watch Belladonna and Weiner Dog for us since my elderly babysitter was visiting family.

Well I got home and then went to ask if he could take care of the dogs for the evening, he said O.K. but then said that I better check my water meter.

I asked him why and he told me that when he was coming back earlier from walking the dogs and taking a break, both Bella and Weiner got excited and started barking at the water meter lid.

He went over to look and saw slugs and worms, slithering and wiggling out of the view how of the water meter lid and saw slimy mud slowly oozing through the view hole and seeping around the edge of the lid.

"Very disgusting and sort of creepy" he remarked---well I'd think it creepy too, so we both went over to look at it, and there they were, worms, slugs and I'm not sure what else,  I think a very small salamander, it looked like a worm with eyes. 

I walked over to my front porch where I keep the prong to lift the lid for both it and the sewer line lid, and Brian did the honors,  I was thinking to myself "Oh please don't let these be missionaries for Cthulhu".

Well it turned out that the Vault was filled with water, completely covering the meter with water, mud and slugs,  I shiver when I think of it.  That sort of chilly, wet, yucky type of shiver that's not cold but you feel disgusted type of shiver. 

With Brian babysitting the dogs, I went and called our Water Company's emergency line, a repair truck was there in 30 minutes---pretty fast when you think of it.

I was of course tense, thinking "Is this going to be a major problem? Is this going to be an easy or hard fix?  Am I going to have to call a plumber because something else needs to be done?  How long has this been leaking?   Is my Water Bill going to be high?   Is Cthulhu going to send one of its slithery tentacles out of that ooze and drag the poor man and any living creature nearby down into some morass of Hell?

You can see there are times when I worry -----  a lot.

No, the man pumped the water out, found the cut off, cut off the water, pumped some more, dug, pumped, dug, clamped, removed the old meter, pumped some more, installed a new coupler, installed a new meter, dug some more, pumped some more, tighten, pumped, tighten, pump, checked, checked again, went to where we have the front garden faucet, opened that valve, turned on the water in the vault, water comes through the faucet, he tightens some more, checks, checks again, is satisfied, goes to the water faucet that's flowing water, washes his hands, turns off the faucet, grins at me and says "You're in Business".

He explained to me that there had been, according to the computer a Meter Replacement service man out on Wednesday to replace the old meter because the meter reader noted that it was difficult to read the dials and put in a replacement order---but the Meter Service couldn't because he noted a problem with a coupling and put in for it to be done with plumbing work by someone higher up.

And any water overage would be removed since it was caused by the Water Company, not by house usage. 
I now know what Angels look like.

This fellow told me that it's a new division with our Water Company and its no problem for them to replace meters on the newer buildings like less than 20 years old, but my house and meter was, in this gentleman's opinion "antique" and remarked that once he cleans it up, he's keeping it as an interesting museum piece.

Then he apologized about the house being antique, but one of the beautiful graceful houses that one rarely sees now a days.   I gave him my card and said for him to bring his grandchildren by for Halloween,  and he said he would. 

So for now Cthulhu is kept at bay and will not rise---- at least not in my neighborhood.

Later Darklings

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