Thursday, June 12, 2014

Of Back to chilly weather and other things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well once again our natural air conditioning kicked in and we are experiencing chilly weather again, it's a good thing I have an all purpose sweater that I leave at the office to keep the chill off.  I simply wore my long black light weight wool trench coat for the commute.

And it looks like the temporary sick out on Muni has passed, if they tried to make a point it backfired on them from the public's reaction---mostly it was "Fire the S.O.B's!!!  There are people who need jobs hire new people who will appreciate what they've got!!!"

Well I don't mind fighting for what is right, but within reason, because it does cause costs to go up and then other people will start demanding increases it just dominos.  But I am all for better health and dental care benefits and retirement packages.

Right now I'm on a coffee break and my co-worker has brought me my 3rd Hazelnut coffee, I'm sorry Darklings but I do have a weakness for having Hazelnut creamer in my coffee. 

As I was taking the Ferry in to work, I could hear people complaining about the fluations in the weather---don't know what to wear??  Well for me it's a long sleeve lightweight blouse, a below the knee skirt, a wide brim hat, vintage cloth gloves (in black) good walking shoes, nylons, and my light weight wool Trench coat (also in black), now that does seem warm but since I travel early in the morning and frequently come back late in the evening, its always chilly at those times, but with the extreme hot weather, I leave the coat at home and wear a light weight sweater that works like a jacket.

If I leave the office at lunch time and it's hot I leave the sweater at the office.

But because I don't like to tan everything is always long sleeved, and cotton gloves and the hat, either in a good expensive straw or felt or wool---if it's raining then a scarf and rain hat.

It is always best to layer on because you can remove it as it gets warmer.  It's also how I pack as well.

Last night I had a lovely phone call from Coralline.  She and her family are leaving today in their R.V to travel for the next few weeks, going North then South, then to Tahoe and Nevada, camping in their RV.

She told me that her parents said no video games, no TV. no cell phones except for the parents for emergencies, the children are to read, play card or board games where the whole family is involved.

Coralline said that her English teacher wants her to keep a journal of her summer experiences, so I said that her folks better include a dictionary and a thesaurus as well, to help with spelling and expanding word usage.  Her Mom has done that.

Coralline is excited about the trip but her brother's wanted to go to Disneyland---I know what my brother said "I'd have to take a loan to go to Disneyland for 6 people!!!"   But I know they are saving up for it for next year---just don't tell the boys.

Well my time is up and I have to go back to work.

Later Darklings

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