Saturday, June 7, 2014

Of being exhausted, and Muni no-strike but it was a "sick-out" and other things~~~~

Oh Darklings,

I am soooooo exhausted, in many way's I am so glad I have a maid service to come in to "fluff, dust and vacuum" it really helps and they also tackle the bath rooms, but there are some chores that have to be done by yours truly-----cleaning the refrigerator is one of them, and that also means moving it away from the wall and back again.  (Doyle handled that part)

We are pretty good about using our left-overs into salads and sandwiches for lunch, but once in a while if it's not properly cleaned out you can find a "science experiment" trying to take over the world.   And then weeding out old bills and statements, unless they are important to showing the purchase price of large ticket items or medical expenses or even travel expenses if it's related to work.

It's a good thing I have a heavy duty shredder. 

And then going through book shelves, if it was a one time read and not going to read it again, into a shopping bag to be donated, did that but only after Doyle and Sis have done their tiny "tic" marks, and I do mean tiny. If one or both are missing I move it to another shelf.  Lift, lift, lift, lift---tote that barge, lift that bail,   Does house work count as exercise???

And it seems one of my neighbors is having a party with loud music, well it still is daytime, but come 11 p.m. if it's not toned down, I'll call 5-0. 

This week started off with a bit of insanity---it seems that the Muni Drivers decided to call a "sick-out", technically speaking they cannot strike, but they can call in sick, but come day two Muni said they better have Doctor's slips or no pay, but they still pulled it on Wednesday and Thursday although it did seem to improve, but waiting and waiting to catch Muni transport only to pass you by because the buses were full, packed like sardines.

Well the public wasn't happy, I certainly wasn't, and the public let the Muni Drivers know it via their Union reps. but the Union said they didn't call it.  BART did come to the fore to let people who used the muni passes ride for free.  Of course it was over money, and if they got the raise they'd be the 2nd highest transportation staff in the nation but they do not want to contribute to their pension fund.  (As I roll my eye balls) 

Well the public is not pleased, and I feel from what rumblings I heard the public is beyond pissed.  And I don't blame them, I certainly wasn't please either.

Of course it made my commute difficult, I could get into the City via BART, Bus or Ferry but it was making the connection that would drop me off at my work that was impossible.

 The first day I took a chance and I recommend that you do NOT do this but I was desperate, I thumbed a ride, stuck my thumb out and yelled "I need a ride!!!"   Definitely NOT lady-like, but I was picked up  by a limo!!!

The driver asked me my destination and I told him and it was right on his way, so I rode in style to work, he got out opened the door for me and helped me out of the limo like I was a celebrity.  I offered to pay him but he said it was fine.   I smiled and waived to him as my Knight in the black Limousine drove off and my co-workers looked out the window mouths agape.

It's moments like that that can make the City so wonderful. 

But for the remainder of the week Doyle drove me in and picked me up, he had to drive in any way so why not.

Of the man Chamberlain that the FBI had a nation wide alert out, well he not only had explosives in his apartment but he was also trying to buy on the black market, toxic poisonous agents like ricin.  There is another "black market" that popped up after "Silk Road" was closed and the FBI managed to track the man down through his purchases through that web site even though it's claimed that such purchases using "bit-coin" is impossible to trace---Well Darklings  I guess not.

And California Chrome lost his chance to become the next triple crown winner, I did not watch the race, I had a feeling that the Belmont was not his field, but he did win the first two so can you imagine the stud fees???

And now for something completely different----Darklings if Doyle ever asks me to marry him, or if he just wants to give me a promise ring I have found something wonderfully Goth---

This is a 14 k Red gold with Black Diamonds wedding ring, yes the Diamonds are real, so is the gold, it is 14k white gold with a red Rhodium overlay, I've also seen one in a different style with a black rhodium overlay on the white gold.  Is that the most dramatic, Gothic looking ring you've ever seen?? and the price is only a measly $2,500.  And that was knocked down.
Here it is with the Black rhodium overlay, just a mere bobble to have on one's finger, but so dramatic in its own way, of course not to everyone's taste but I just had to show you My Darklings.   Forget chocolate Diamonds on Rose gold, black is the way to go.
Later Darklings 


  1. Ohh the black engagement ring. I came across them a couple of years ago when I started bugging my man about a proposal. He said he was intrigued by the idea but worried that the black would eventually wear and not look great. I had honestly never even thought about the longevity of it. Considering how new it is to the market, I can't imagine it's the kind of thing you could bring in to a jeweler and ask to have "re-dipped", or at least not around where I live. I fantasized for awhile about black rings, but I'm very happy with what my fiance had made for me; a classy Victorian style ring. : )

    1. That was very sweet of your fiancé to make you a special ring.

      I could go with Rose gold and black diamonds I know I want my jewelry to look different and unique.