Sunday, June 8, 2014

Of it's hot again~~~~~~

Dear Darklings,

It's hot again, it's only 87 right now, but the inland area I know is cooking hot.

Sis went to see a friend and just got back, Doyle was cleaning some things out of his work area in the garage, I was pruning the dead blossoms off of the roses, the dogs didn't know whether to come out or go in and decided to rest on the back porch.

I put the dead cuttings into our green bin as Doyle came sweating out of the garage declaring that we're going to need to order a dumpster, Questions marks went up over my head as I asked him why,
and he showed me.

At least my vintage car was far over and away from the pile of debris that he had and I did have to agree it was not going to fit in even 3 garbage cans.  So since our standard pick up is on a Friday, we'll have a weekend to put everything in.

I looked it over an it was yucky, nothing usable , just wood end cuttings and loose non-copper wire, broken glass, odd pieces of metal. But Doyle was sweating, so was I so we retreated to the back porch drank ice water wiped ourselves down with wet face cloths, and just crashed into the summer recliners, to tired and hot to move.

Doyle said that the upstairs bedrooms would be very warm to sleep, since we don't have air conditioning in the house and we'd have to rely on fans, which at this very moment are running to move the warm air.

He then got up and looked at the porch, remarking that the bottom have of the porch railing was not open but solid and I said yes, the open upper half had remnants of old fine mesh wiring, that I had removed, prior to painting. 

He then dashed into the house, or at least moved as fast as the heat would permit him, after a few minutes came out with the old album that showed the house over the years, we looked again at those few pictures that showed the back porch, and I saw that the porch had a wooden screen door, looking more closely I realized that the entire porch was screened in.

It explained why it was so wide as well, I thought at first for entertaining but no, it had been a sleeping porch for hot weather. Doyle said to me, "why don't we have it completely screened in again, it would still keep the bugs out, we could dine out here in the evening without the bug problem and even sleep out here"   I thought about the screen door situation but Doyle said that we could have the screen door designed to be latched open but use the magic mesh during the day so the dogs and anyone in the house can go in and out, and then latch the screen door at night.

Then he said that on very hot nights like tonight's was going to be we could sleep out here on camp cots with the screen door latched from the inside.  I did remind him about our security system, but he said that the one for the porch can be turned off to include the kitchen and "maid's room" while the rest of the house remain alarmed. That is how its set up. 

Sleeping outside, on the porch overlooking the garden on a hot summer's night----it appealed to me so we'll look into it further, but we have other things to take care of first, like what's for dinner, but Doyle solved that by picking up the phone and ordering from our favorite Chinese take out.

And I think if the bug situation isn't too bad we may just sit outside and relax and have lemonade.

Doyle has just left to pick up the dinner and Sis and I will relax on the porch.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh, I love screened-in porches. My goal is to have a screened-in area added to the back of my house (prob. after I retire in a few years).

    1. Dear Trisha, the more I think about it the more I love the idea. I'll call my contractor friend and get a better idea.

      We may have to put the Man-Cave on temporary hold, but it is Doyle's Idea. LOL

  2. Sleeping outside on a screen porch sounds fabulous. When I was little my grandparents house had a screen porch and the grandkids would sleep there and we had such fun. It was in a very small town with very few street lights and the tall trees had bats and owls. I loved it:)

    I wish I could offer the same experience to my granddaughters but we live in a much larger town on a main thoroughfare and the noise and light pollution would not create the same adventurous mood.

    Hope your screen porch proves enjoyable.