Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of killing a Sage plant~~~~

I know Darklings,

How does one kill a Sage plant?

Well it is a perennial herb, and I had this one in a pot for over a year, but I think either I over watered it or someone did.

Anyway it is curled up, withered, it just gave up the ghost.  I'll keep it and monitor it, after all it might revive, I can hope.

But I went to the nursery today and bought another sage plant, variegated purple sage, lovely and a Thai Basil, it has a wonderful liquorice scent and a little spicy as well.  With a nice dark purple top.

Now it is an annual, but I may go back and buy some more purple sage for this one area and a couple of more Thai Basil, the scent is just so wonderful.

I keep a few herbs on the back porch and then more in the garden, and it seems I've been attracting honey bees, and lady bugs, I hardly use any pesticides, except for snails and slugs they go around sounding like a bad "Bela Lugosi" saying "I vah to Bite yur tomahtos".

Sorry ---snails and slugs go home. 

My sister will be home soon and she and I are going to our neighbors house, we've been invited to pick their apricots, plums and a sort of cherry plum, it has a cherry pit and skin but is smooth like a plum, our neighbor thinks somehow the cherry and plum tree cross pollinated. 

But Sis keeps saying to me "Pie, cobbler, jam, apricot jam, apricot crumble, need to can and put up", I think I know what we are going to be doing this weekend.

I love old fashioned things and speaking of old fashion, we are going to the County Fair, this week.  I am so looking forward to doing something old fashion, I don't worry about the concert, I like the free shows and watching the demos, the livestock and such.  You just never know.

Well I'm dressed in my jeans, tennis shoes and long sleeve tee-shirt and a cloth hat to keep bugs out of my hair, just waiting for Sis.

Well Brain just came in through the back door and told me that Weiner Dog watered the old Sage plant  Alright, I guess I'll have to put them up higher. 

Later Darklings


  1. Some gardening comments...

    1. If you don't want to use chemicals in your garden, try using Sluggo for getting rid of slugs and snails. It's safe around children and pets, and it's organic so it won't hurt your plants or the soil. Basically, it makes the snails and slugs stop eating. I've tried it, and it WORKS. The only thing I don't care for about it is that the small white pellets are rather obvious.

    2. If Weiner Dog has been 'watering' your sage plant, that's probably why it died. It MAY come back if he didn't 'water' it TOO much! ;-)

    3. I LOVE basil!! Another wonderful one is 'holy basil', although it's not easy to find.

  2. Oh I do use Sluggo, the while pellets don't bother me, It was recommended by my Gardener.

    We didn't realize it was Weiner Dog, Brian just happened to catch the little "stinker" when he did it.

    We'll see what happens.

    I'll be on the watch for "Holy Basil" there is something about the scent that is just wonderful, although Sis picks the leaves to add to her home made tomato sauce, she freezes it in freezer bags and take out what she needs.