Friday, June 13, 2014

Of Full Moons and Friday the 13th~~~~~

Yes Darklings,

Two posts in one day----well I just had to post this tid-bit for you.  Especially if you like to howl and Bay at the moon, which I and Sis might do later tonight.

Because this is a very special moon, its a Friday the 13th Full moon a rare event.  

Yes very Rare---for me to see this next Full moon I will have to live to be 102 years old.

I think I will try to do that, just to freak my nieces and nephews, of course my nephews will think I'm a crazy old hag, but I know one niece who will think I'm pretty "cool". 

So Darklings---it's a Friday Night, it's the Thirteenth, and there's a Full Moon----Get you Howling On!!!   AAARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Later Darklings---I feel like running with the Wolves tonight.


  1. I was so bummed, it was overcast last night so I never got to see the full moon. T-T Wasn't it supposed to be a strawberry moon, too? I never get to see these things around here. I remember the eclipse not long ago,same thing, overcast. Just my luck I suppose lol. It was nice and cool outside though, it made it feel like Halloween.
    : )

    1. A Friday the 13th with either a Full or even a partial Moon always feels spooky to me. That's too bad about the overcast, but lots of times its more the feeling of the energies even when one cannot see the full Moon.

      We did have a mocking bird singing last night, drove Doyle nuts, to me it was a lullaby.

      Sis and I did howl though it was funy. I'll post that later. Take care.