Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of the Vintage Fashion Expo~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Dear Lucretia and all, the information I have of the Vintage Fashion Expo is this---here in the San Francisco area it will be held on March 22 and 23 Sat. & Sun.

Now there are two priceings and two different open hours:

On Saturday---
Early Buy hours 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  admission is $25.00

General admission and hours same day  10:30 to 6 admission is $12

Sunday General admission is the same but hours are 11 to 5

Location is the Concours located at 635 8th Street, Corner of Brennan  in San Francisco

There is parking all around the area if you are driving, parking is not cheap, espeically in San Francisco and don't forget the bridge toll.

If you go to their web site  (remember the two "e"s end of vintage beginning of expo)  you can sign up for their mailing list.

Now they do 3 shows in Los Angeles and two in San Francisco, but the September Show in San Francisco does not have a location site yet, because its possible that the Concours may be torn down, I hope its not held at Fort Mason parking is abmismal, Better to be held at the old Factory on Mare Island, the parking is great, the view is wonderful and the space is huge.

Right now when you go to the news section on their web site they are promoting and selling advance tickets for their February Los Angeles Show.

But you can get driving directions as well as public transport directions to get to the Concours, but if you take public transport go then on Saturday the buses run more frequently.

This is a big show, but another smaller one is held at the old Alameda Naval Air Station and is sponsored by Michaan's Auctions.   I will post that one when it comes up.

Must go I'm on my lunch hour.

Later Darklings 

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  1. Thank you, Rose, for the extra information! I found some of that on the website, but the more "informal" info, like how good/bad the parking is and what the options for public transportation are, is just as important! :-)