Monday, February 3, 2014

Of Film Noir 2014 Recovering~~~short post

Hello Darklings,

Oh, talk about sensory overload!!  But it was worth it!  Seeing all those wonderful films, develing into the minds and motives of people.  And everyone either dressed period style or even in regular dress, Wonderful!!!

Sis and I made some new friends, which we hope to meet for lunch soon, as I say Darklings, if you are into being Goth you MUST be into Film Noir. 

Saturday was all Day French films with the earliest from 1937, some were saying it was the earliest Film Noir but I still feel that the German silent Film "Spies" really is the earliest, but I'll have to see that film again, I only have it on video tape, and that may have deteriorated, I hope to find a DVD copy.

I'm back and work and have a lot to catch up on.  My sweet co-worker has brought me another cup of coffee to revive myself.

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  1. Rose, is it this one? (at

    1. You may have to copy and paste the link, sorry.

  2. Dear Trisha,

    YES it Is!! Thank you for finding it for me, I cannot wait to order it! And a fully restored version too. I completely forgot it was a Fritz Lang film. That man was a genius.

    And there are several other selections as well, how wonderful!

    Thank you again Dear Lady!