Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Of "Frizzel", Nail Polish, Clothing and flu shots for an Elder Goth~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I could not believe it but we had "frizzel" on Saturday----O.K. so what is frizzel, well its less than drizzel but more than fog and with enough of it, it can cover the wind shield so you do have to use the wipers and at least cover your hair.

It helps clear the air and freshen everything, and it seems to keep the heat in the house, yet dampen bus benches so you better have a coat to cover your bottom.  Orchids and Redwoods love it.  And if you're in a cemetery it is very atmospheric.   But Weiner Dog and Belladonna do not like it, "oh yuck, wet stuff, no no mummy I's not take bath"  at least they act like that.

But I do love frizzel, except when I'm driving my car.  Oh well can't have everything.

I do wish though that we'd start having rain, not gully washers but rain to soak the ground, and fill the resevoirs, many are below 50 percent, and the entire state is on high fire watch, the hills should be green but instead they are dry and brown as if it were August.   Already there is a fire on one of the islands in the Sacramento Delta, and I pray we don't have a fire like that which occured near Yosemite.  The rain can come any time now.
I've been having fun with the Essie nail polish line,  they seem to come out with lovely colors, that one could almost paint with them, and such lovely names like "Power Clutch", "Chinchilly", "Sand Tropez" etc.

Now I did talk about nail polish for the Elder Goth and to avoid dark colors that make the hands look very old, I still believe in that premise, but sometimes one just had to have a fling and enjoy it.   I mean Darklings, why should the Baby Bats have all the fun.  So if you can wear a dark color and get away with it, then do it Darklings, just do it.

But I still reserve the opinon that at work, one must always present a very business-like appearance and not go too over the the top with a bright tropic blue or green, but save that for fun times, which means re-doing your nails Sunday Night or going over the bright color with a conservative dark color.  Unless you're wearing Gerainium, then have fun at work.

I was trying to make up my mind, last Sunday evening after the Frizzel had left us,  should I go with "Wet Cement", "Chinchilly", or something else, the reason behind that is now we are into winter---bleh! Winter!  And after all the holiday fun, but now it's winter---now if you're back east with all the snow I can understand the "Bleh!"  But here in California we are having days of 70 degree weather AND high fire Danger, Why?  Well Darklings if you've been following the weather reports, no RAIN, not a drop, all because of a High Ridge that won't move, we maybe into water rationing soon. 

But still it is winter, no special events, no holiday celebrations, except for Martin Luther King Day, but nothing to really "sparkle" darkly about.  So I've decided to wear nail polish of the dark tan or brown hue, but I still have to have some sparkle so I've gone with Essie's "Over the Knee" which is a browish copper with a bit of shimmer to it.  It's perfect for even a corporate environment and still have fun going out.

I was thinking about Revelon's "Stormy" but the minute my eyes saw "Over the Knee" well that was it.

On our "Frizzel" Day Sis and I went over our wardrobes,  our regular wardrobes, I leave the vintage things alone except to check for wear, tear and freshing and updating.

But we do the same with our regular wardrobes as well,  things to be mended, things that are outdated, if I haven't worn it in two years I'll never wear it,  what works well together what doesn't, and we weeded out a lot of things, some to be donated, and some we'll take to the consignment shop to see what sells, what doesn't sell will also be donated.

I've also done that with my costume jewerly (not the vintage stuff) and shoes and purses,  one thing I've discovered is that we seem to always fall back on certain classic favorites, so I was looking at the items that were just flash in a pan stuff or impulse buys that didn't work out.  We did it with clothing, shoes, purses, jewerely.

Doyle decided to hide down stairs with the dogs, he thought it was safer that way.  So after hours of trying on, and taking off, deciding, sorting, bagging,  Sis and I looked at each other and we laughed at how disheveled we were,  then we realized we had not prepared dinner.  HORRORS!!!  NO DINNER!!

We kicked around idea's until Brian came over to the house and announced he had coupon's for Papa Murphy's take and bake Pizza---Fresh made there, take home and bake and hot out of the oven here,  Doyle said "That's Dinner---Pizza and Beer!!"   Beer??   Oh well the men were paying for it, so we surrendered to Pizza and Beer, well after all Doyle had been stocking up on specialty ales and such, so why not.

And we ate family style in the kitchen with Belladonna and Weiner Dog begging for "Pizza Bones"  the rounded cooked edges of the pizza---but we had to be careful, no cheese or tomato sauce, didn't want upset doggie tummys.  

Afterwards Sis and I made plans to first take our consignments and donations next Saturday to the shops and then with lists in hand go clothing shopping---I said I wanted to see what Dress Barn had on hand,  I did see on line some lovely work dresses, but nothing above the knee please, anything skirts or hem lines above the knee is so inelegant, clunky and awkward, fine if you are 5 years old but not for anyone older, and even if you're a 20 something hemlines about the knee shows too much thigh fat, or nobby knee's,  even Mae West once said about short skirts that it was better to be wearing a long slinky evening gown because it hides a multitude of "shins".   And I have to agree.

I still say that Dress Barn's clothing focus on the upwardly mobil woman, espeically in the corporate world, that store has the best selection in an afordable range.  So it has always been my first go to clothing store, then I go to Macy's, Nordstrum, Neman-Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue.

But one thing an Elder Goth  must always do is maintain one's wardrobe, no tossing clothing on the floor, no, when one undresses, at least drap it over a chair until it can be hung up, check shoes and purses for scuffs and wear and fix them.   WHY?  Its so obvious Darklings---you are WORTH IT!

Now flu shots---well Sis did not get her flu shot, so Monday afternoon I took her to her medical clinic for the shot, she thought it was going to hurt, but she didn't feel the needle at all, her arm felt a little sore but it soon wore off by the next day, however within an hour she felt sleepy, and it was a good thing she did not have any clients, so picking up a double order of War Won Ton Soup I took her back home and put her to bed to sleep.   Doyle wasn't going to be home until very late, and Brian was visiting friends, so it was just us,  even I felt sleepy and napped for a while after picking up the dogs.

Now Darklings if you have not received your flu shot You Should get it,  just in our area alone there have been 19 deaths of all ages from the flu,  the H1N1 is back and its a killer, it is always important for Elder Goths to maintain their health, not only important but vitally essential.

But tonight Darklings, I am going to have fun watching "Criminal Minds".  Why?  Well Penny Garcia is going back to her hacking roots and oh my Dears I WANT to see her in her Corseted Goth Best, if the glance I saw is any indication,  she is going to be WOW!

Later Darklings


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! :-)

    Speaking of the flu, my mom just went to the hospital today with a horrible case of flu. She's 78, and she DID get the shot, but she got sick anyway. If you wouldn't mind, please put her in your prayers. Thank you!

  2. Oh I will Lucretia, I will. As I understand it from both doctor's and nurses, the shot will not prevent you completely from getting the flu but it will give you a better fighting chance, however with the elderly even with the shot it is much harder.

    I hope that by the time I've posted this your Mother is much better. I'll be praying for her.

    1. Thank you! She's still in the hospital, but is feeling better. It appears it was NOT the flu, after all, but internal bleeding. They are working on it now, and have given her a blood transfusion. She is doing MUCH better, but will probably not go home until they figure out what and where the problem is so they can (hopefully) fix it. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  3. Oh how awful! I do hope they find the problem. About 6 or 7 years ago I had to go into the hospital because I had an accute blood loss, they thought I had internal bleeding, did all kinds of tests, but finally determined that my bone marrow was not making enough red blood cells, so I was put in Iron and Vitamin D, after receiving two units of blood, I can understand how frightening it can be.

    I hope it is something that can be easily corrected, I will keep your Mom in my prayers.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. :-) And I'm glad they were able to correct your problem so easily. It must have been terrifying, though.

  4. Oh it was, 4 days in the hospital, being transfused, my eye sight was going very strange and found out I was dehydrated. It seemed like every couple of hours, I was going to a different department for tests, with tiny television cameras (real tiny) going in areas I didn't want to see...yuck!

    Then every morning someone coming in to take some blood to test, one good thing, I had a room all to myself, so no problems with a room mate, and my sister and brother visiting, as well as several co-workers, bringing me reading material.

    But after all of that, the found the results thank goodness, however at work my co-workers would tease me and say "You're a real Vampire now!" LOL

  5. I guess you are, at that! ;-)

    If you read my latest post, you'll know that they figured out it's my mom's heart causing the problem. So please do keep us in your prayers, as we still don't know the date for her surgery, but it will be next week, sometime after Monday.

  6. I will, I will. I had not checked your posts, but I most certainly will keep her in my prayers.

    Hang in there.