Thursday, January 23, 2014

Of Film Noir 2014 and other things~~~

Hello Darklings,

Oh squeezing this in on my lunch hour, thank goodness I get off work at 4:30 it has been insane.

But I've been telling my supervisor that I will get off early in the afternoon because I have the Passport Pass for the San Francisco Film Noir Festival which starts tomorrow.

A wonderful chance to wear my vintage clothing, and feel like someone being a femme fatal spy during the 1940's and 50's, but this time internationally, with noir films from all over the world, France, Germany, Norway, Japan as well as restored films such as "Too Late For Tears" and classics like "the  Hitchhiker" and "The Third Man".

From Jan. 24 to Feb 2, to have the fun of being in an alternate world of darkness and suspense, of seeing other's motives of greed, revenge, seeing the worse of behaviors and also the confusing best.  

Doyle is going to miss the first few days of it, but Sis is joining me, and then Doyle will fly back on Sunday from visiting his family.  I've missed him.  His steady presense.

Sis has also wondered if we want to go to the Horror Fest at the Regency Ballroom the following weekend, there will be a pannel of several of the children of some of our favorite horror film stars although this will be more about music---I understand that Exodus, a Thrash metal group will be performing one night, I'm not sure I can take the sensory overload, but we can buy tickets at the door, I would love to hear the panel speakers.   And Sis is interested in the people in general.  

So that is something we'll have to think about.

I know I haven't talked about last weekend espeically about Coralline's thoughts, but I have to admit I've been busy, both at work and home, so its been hard to sit down and write.   But once I have a breather I will.  Must go and get a bite to eat.

Later Darklings

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