Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Of Updates on crop circles, skulls and family~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well, Well, Well....It seems that the Crop Circle that appeared on Dec 30 in the Salinas Valley near the town of  Chualar was a marketing ploy!

A very clever one I might add.  A company called NVIDIA did it as publicity in regards to the release of a mobile processor used in many devices.  It is a new Tegra K-1 graphics chip.

Brett Murray a marketer for the company and his team brainstormed the idea to promote it.

The farmer who owned the field was in on it.  The you tube video was done by Murray and another NVIDIA employee, then they called news stations and the whole thing went global.  Cropologists and UFO researchers are extremely upset by the hoax but NVIDIA stock has risen quite a lot.  Some people did guess it was man-made but to quote Murray he understood why the story attracted so much attention "This is like Santa Claus"..."People want to believe". 

Murray and his team agreed with the farmer to mow down the circle to avoid any one getting hurt.  So far the Sherriff's dept is not sure whether to bill NVIDIA or not. 

It reminds me of Orson Wells' Halloween stunt in the late 1930's "War of the Worlds".  Where people who tuned in late heard the first part of the broadcast which sounded like news broadcasts of an invasion and people panic.    I have a framed poster of a space ship with the words "I want to believe" when the T.V. program "X-Files" was popular, it's stored right now but Doyle wants it for his "Man-Cave" that we are going to build out back---Why Not?

Coralline and her brother's called me and were very disapointed that it wasn't really real, and I said to them that "It's not to say that everything is a hoax, there are strange things out there that still have not been solved, greater mysteries that defy explanation, so do not be disapointed."

I remember years ago I was getting ready for work, I didn't have to go in until 12 noon so I took my time getting ready,  I was almost dressed and applying my makeup at my vanity table, I had turned on the radio to catch the news but I was only half listening to it, it sounded like a radio reporter was talking about a ship that was (I thought) coming into San Francisco Bay, he described how majestic it was, so I thought it must be a huge passenger liner, remember Darklings I was only half-listening to the program, when all of a sudden the reporter announced that the ship had exploded, burst into flames, and he was trying to describe the disaster.

 I  stopped putting on my mascara and looked at the radio and was listening intently wondering why did this ship explode, I was becoming very alarmed and well using the word concerned is too mild for what I was feeling about unknown people injured and killed, but you some how want to just rush out to do something is that type of feeling.

I heard the radio reporter crying and being very emotional and I was thinking this must be very horrible and then I heard him say a very important phrase  "Oh the Humanity"

That is when I realized the radio program was playing the orginal  Hindenburg Disaster broadcast,  after a bit an announcer came on stating that they were playing this recording on the aniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster....but I use that experience to illustrate how I,  a more "sophisticated" person, was taken in by an old radio broadcast because at that moment it seems real, I had missed the opening announcement that was the reason for the broadcast.   But in those few seconds I had been briefly taken in just like people had been in the 1930's by Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" broadcast. 

And it can still happen today here and now in 2014.

About the Skull that was found up in the Oakland Hills on New Years Day, the latest word is that it has been given to a forensic anthopologist to determine its age and finally confirm if it is or isn't Native American.

I told the children about that---which sent shivers up their spine.

Sis is happily settled in her at home office, she still has clients she has to drive to see, but now she can have more of them come to her in far more comfortable surroundings.  By next Fall much of the painting, wallpapering and gardening will be done.  Currently her office, kitchen, downstairs full bath and upstairs full bath, are done, as well as the living room and entrance hall, the dinning room is being worked on and the stair well, she's going to have the stairs carpeted this weekend.   Then on to the upstairs bedrooms, her laundry room is finished as well as the large basement area, but her back area that faces the back garden is going to take a little time,  she has a decorator who understands what she wants and has done some design ideas for her bit of 1950's Hawaii without it being tacky.  The decorator suggests a large aquarium placed in an area where any client can easily see it and have it as a relaxing visual aid.   Especially if my sister chooses to work with clients in that area.

When her master bedroom is done she will eventually have professional movers move her furniture from my house to hers, but at this time she is not in a great hurry.

I've been putting in some long hours at work, but I'm going to be working half-days tomorrow and Thursday and have a nice 3 day weekend as things are slowly going back to what passes for normalicy.

Sad to say (well sad for me) Doyle is going to be flying down to San Diego this weekend to see his family, he'll be gone for two weeks, but I know he'll be calling me.  He has friends down there as well that he hasn't seen in some time.  And his oldest grandson is announcing his engagement to a very lovely hard working young lady, they had been dating for some time and Doyle was wondering when the young man was going to pop the question.  But they are not going to get married right away, she is finishing her Master's Degree and he has just started a new job so they want to get all that settled.

Weddings, new grandchildren, new things happening, new changes developing.  And that is how it should be.

Later Darklings 

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